Lasers for agriculture with Janis Jasko | Ep. 35

May 28, 2021 · 1 min read

In 2019 the „organic area made up 8.5 % of total EU agricultural land.” But how do you manage weeds in organic farming? The answer to this question is located in Latvia, where Janis Jasko developed together with his team a laser-focused weeding machine. Weedbot uses a high precision laser to get rid of weeds in three simple steps:

  1. captures an image
  2. recognizes through AI-backed algorithm weed and crop
  3. eliminates harmful weeds through thermal treatment with a laser beam

Janis has over 10 years of experience in research and development and all we can say is…it shows! More about his experience and the company in our latest episode.

Advice from Janis:

Moments when something is not working as planned happen. And the main idea or the main challenge is to move forward and not take it too seriously because we see technical things can go wrong and they often do.

The episode includes topics like weeds, agriculture, communication, and many more. If we made you curious until this point, check out the episode (links down below).

Until next Friday!

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