Why accelerators? with Hana Mohan | Ep.38

Jun 18, 2021 · 1 min read

To accelerator or not to accelerator? that is the question.

Starting with two bootstrapped startups, Hana Mohan founded her 3rd company, MagicBell by firstly applying for the Y Combinator. So what changed her mind? How did this decision turn out? Let’s listen to the episode to find out more about that.

P.S: Hana also has a blog which I really enjoyed reading.

Advice from Hana:

Stay grounded, stay in contact with your customers and learn how to interpret it, how to process it, how to incorporate that into your product.

The episode includes topics like accelerator, development, 3rd start-up, and many more. If we made you curious until this point, check out the episode (links down below).

Until next Friday!

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