Rethinking development after Coronavirus

Hong Kong graffitti: ‘There can be no return to normal, because normal was a problem in the first place’

This is the dawn of a new era, one of radical uncertainty where control doesn’t exist. Can the development sector reform itself fast enough to turn the pandemic response into more resilient systems? Can we leverage new capabilities to decrease likelihood of and exposure to similar shocks?

Tweet by Branko Milanovic
Source: COVID-19 has a postcode
  • Redefining notions of growth and value creation (NextGenECOnomies),
  • Resurgence of the State spearheading radical policy experimentation (the Entrepreneurial State),
  • Decentralizing production, consumption and trust (Alternative Infrastructures)
  • Emerging forms of and relationship to ‘seeing’ and ‘engaging’ with complex risks (Alternative Intelligence)
  1. NextGenECOnomies: Rethinking the role of growth



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