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Innovate Pasadena elects Rob McClinton president, welcomes new officers

February 12, 2021 (PASADENA, CA) — Rob McClinton has been elected president of Innovate Pasadena, by unanimous vote of the board of directors, to advance the volunteer-led, nonprofit mission of connecting and growing Pasadena’s thriving innovation communities.

Clockwise starting top left: Rob McClinton-President, Aaron B. Wheeler-Vice President & Secretary, Beth Kuchar-Chair, Erick Herring- Treasurer

“Our goal is to attract people, companies and capital to our region and to connect those that already call Pasadena home,” said McClinton. “A priority for our innovation community is talent, because it has been hard to find great candidates as traditional networking was put on hold this past year, and we will be facilitating internships and offering other programs to assist the community in this regard.”

Rob McClinton joined the board of Innovate Pasadena in 2018 and was elected vice president in 2019. Under his leadership, Innovate Pasadena will expand programming and engagement with local businesses, underrepresented founders and the legacy technology industries such as aerospace that help define Pasadena as an innovation hub.

Immediate Past President Beth Kuchar remains on the board as newly elected Chair, and continues to lead the exciting public event series, Ask Me Anything, which brings expert insights from local Pasadena innovators to the broader community, and will on February 17th discuss financing for startups.

Newly elected officers of the board also include Vice President and Secretary Aaron B. Wheeler and Treasurer Erick Herring, who have both served on the board prior to election.

In addition to his role as president, Rob McClinton is the founder and CEO of Designing Nation Holdings, a hosting and online marketing company focused on small and local businesses which includes Small World Communications. He is a veteran of the Southern California tech scene with roots in several Idealab startups including and X1 Technologies. He provides leadership mentoring through his consulting practice, Artistic Leader. Rob studied economics at Loyola University Chicago.

If you are interested in the intersection of entrepreneurship, art+design, science, technology and community, and would like to bring your talents, priorities and/or sponsorship to Innovate Pasadena, please reach out to Rob directly at

About Innovate Pasadena: Innovate Pasadena is part community, part platform, and all about the future. Our mission is to advance greater Pasadena as a center for technology and design innovation by supporting collaboration across and within business, academia and the broader community in order to attract and retain companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and capital. Innovate Pasadena is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2012 by community and business leaders from Caltech, Art Center, PCC, the city, and local established and emerging tech companies.




Following one small nonprofit's quest to connect the community through tech, design, and science.

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Innovate Pasadena

Innovate Pasadena

Creating a vibrant ecosystem of technology and design innovation in the greater Pasadena area to support sustainable economic growth.

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