Actionable Innovations Conversations Shownotes: Dr. Scott McLeod

Winter Series 2022 — Week 1

Dr. Scott McLeod

This issue contains the show notes for our January 21, 2022, conversation with Dr. Scott McLeod of the University of Colorado Denver. We really appreciate Scott McLeod taking the time to chat with us today about his work with deeper learning and ed leadership.

We hope that you continue to follow Scott’s important work around deeper learning in schools. Consider submitting a reflection to our publication or leave a comment or two below this post.

Here are some resources from today’s event:

Next week, another education luminary, suzieboss, will be our featured guest. Please register here and share registration info with your networks!

If you’d like to learn more about our Actionable Innovations professional learning community, take a look at these links.

We apologize for the abrupt ending of this session… the person with the host privileges left the room and the meeting stopped. We did re-start the room and a few people came back for a brief post-discussion. :)




Inspiring Actionable Innovations is a publication in which educators, organization leaders, and entrepreneurs share resources and explore ideas related to global education innovation. Want to contribute a story? Let us know.

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