Actionable Innovations Global Community Notes

July 15, 2022

We are almost ready to announce our annual conference scheduled for International Education Week in November! Stay tuned for details about the upcoming G.L.O.W Conference (Global Learning for an Open World).

If you have events and resources related to global education and innovation, please post details in our online community, and we’ll include this information in our next newsletter.


Review our most recent Actionable Innovation Conversation with the Guide to Intercultural Skill Development and Assessment authors. Many thanks to Dr. Bidhan Chandra, Dr. Runi Mukherji, Dr. Susan Jagendorf-Sobierajski, Dr. Patrice Torcivia Prusko, and Rebecca Smolar!

On July 13th, the authors of the newly published Guide to Intercultural Skill Development and Assessment joined us to discuss their work. This is a resource to help those interested in creating, implementing, and assessing programs to develop cross-cultural skills.

Read two new articles in our Medium publication, Inspiring Global Actionable Innovations!

Don Buckley authored The Human Element, and Greg Bendis-Grab contributed Social Emotional Learning and Hiking. Offer feedback and share these articles with your networks!

Have you seen our new, refreshed mission? Check it out on the front page of our community.

Recently, AI Global co-founder Don Buckley led our leadership team through terrific design thinking activities to help us clarify our brand. Then, co-founder William Rankin applied his wordsmithing skills and blended this language with the previous GlobalEdCon mission.


  • iEARN-USA is hosting an online summer institute. This professional development experience will take place July 18–21, and the theme is “How to Become a Global Educator.”
  • WIDA International Programs is excited to return to in-person professional learning on the beautiful University of Wisconsin — Madison lakeside campus. The WIDA Institute is a four-day comprehensive introduction to the WIDA Standards and Assessment System. Attending the Institute is a first step in learning how WIDA resources work together to support multilingual students and their teachers. Institute participants benefit from networking opportunities with international educators in person and through an online community forum. This event takes place July 26th through July 29th.
  • Save the date September 15th for International Dot Day, a global celebration created by author and illustrator Peter Reynolds.
  • Connect for global change at the AFS Global Ideathon from September 24th through 26th. Everyone can participate.


  • Our next series of Actionable Innovations Conversations will start in mid-August. Our conversation with Heather Singmaster will be rescheduled for August or September.
  • The Global Education Conference has been renamed! The G.L.O.W Conference will take place online during International Education Week this November. G.L.O.W stands for Global Learning for an Open World, and the call for proposals will be available soon. Make sure you are a member of our complimentary professional learning community if you’d like to receive additional details before we publicly announce the conference.

Actionable Innovations Global is the former Global Education Conference Network community under a new name and leadership. Follow us on social media, browse our global education resource collections, subscribe to our blog, and review recordings from our weekly Actionable Innovations Conversations.



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Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray

Apple Distinguished Educator Lucy Gray is an educator and consultant. She is also the co-founder of Actionable Innovations Global PLC!