Actionable Innovations Global Community Notes

May 13, 2022

Below are some upcoming professional learning opportunities and resources spotted around the web.

Please visit our online community here: and post projects, events, and other items of interest to our network. We’ll share your posts on social media as appropriate!

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Lucy Gray, Co-Founder




Linda Vasu


Actionable Innovations Conversations with English Teacher Linda Vasu

On Friday, May 13, 2022, Don Buckley will interview education leader and curriculum expert Linda Vasu about her innovative teaching methodology and more. Come find out how she integrates computational thinking and more into the curriculum.

Assistant Head of School and Director of Academic Programs and Professional Learning at Sacred Heart Greenwich, Linda is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. She has taught literature and writing at every grade level from second to graduate school in urban and suburban settings and served on the founding leadership teams of three startup schools.


Actionable Innovations Conversations with Courtney Welsh of Global Nomads Group

The CEO of Global Nomads Group, Courtney Welsh, will update us about her organization’s initiatives and share thoughts on the widening intergenerational gulf between educators and teens and, specifically, on how GNG is working to empower youth in the learning design process.


Actionable Innovations Conversations with OER and PBL Expert Rich Dixon of Hapara

Rich Dixon will join us for an engaging discussion on Open Educational Resources. How might we, as educators, leverage Open Educational Resources to differentiate learning and promote educational equity? We will review this question as we examine the current OER landscape and explore a framework to help differentiate instruction to promote educational equity. This interview will highlight the role that OER plays in helping diversify teaching and learning resources to meet the needs and context of all learners by creating a responsive learning environment in person, remotely, or in a hybrid setting.

Actionable Innovations Global is the former Global Education Conference Network community under a new name and leadership.

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