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Week of April 25, 2022

Actionable Innovations Global is the former Global Education Conference Network community under a new name and leadership. Please participate in our community here: and share resources related to global education innovation on social media using the hashtag #globaled22.




Michael Furdyk

Actionable Innovations Conversations with Michael Furdyk

Friday, April 22, 2022–1 PM CDT (GMT-5) — REGISTER HERE (free)

Canada’s Michael Furdyk will be our guest. Lucy Gray will interview Michael about his personal innovation journey. The discussion will also highlight the social innovation/global education community of practice at Michael will also share some stories of student-led social innovation and work supporting remote communities.


Nicole Tucker-Smith

Actionable Innovations Conversations with Nicole Tucker-Smith

Friday, April 29, 2022–1 PM CDT (GMT-5) — REGISTER HERE (free)

On Friday, April 29, 2022, Nicole Tucker-Smith will join us to share her work and thoughts on why the debate over school curriculum matters to everyone. Says Tucker-Smith, “Education is facing a crossroads. One path lures us towards wielding the classroom as a weapon for political warfare. The other calls us to hold the classroom as a lever for raising understanding and building bridges across differences.

Truth, dignity, and perspective-taking are not only essential ingredients for learning, without them our students will be starved of the skills they need to step forward in a globalized multicultural economy. When we lack the capacity to view the world through another’s eyes, we cause harm — even with good intentions. I’ve learned this as a teacher and also as a cancer patient.”

Nicole Tucker-Smith (, @MsTuckerSmith), founder and CEO of Lessoncast, helps schools implement professional learning initiatives focused on inclusive teaching and equity best practices. Nicole co-authored Supercharge Your Professional Learning: 40 Concrete Strategies to Improve Adult Learning (CAST Publishing, February 2020) and leads the Supercharge Your Professional Learning Course Community, which provides practical how-to information for applying the UDL Guidelines to professional learning experiences. In addition, she wrote Remote PD Zen, available on Amazon, Apple Books, and Google Play. She also leads the Jumpstart PD Network, a free community of educators to share ideas, spread resources, post tips, and dialogue on key areas of interest related to designing and delivering effective PD focused on inclusion and equity. Nicole’s latest article, “The Illusion of Equity PD,” is featured in the March 2021 issue of Educational Leadership.

She has served as a teacher, supervisor of parent support services, assistant principal, and systemwide coordinator of professional development and training for Baltimore County Public Schools. Nicole was also a program coordinator for Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education and teaches as a faculty member for the JHU School of Education. Nicole is an international presenter on Universal Design for Learning, a member of the CAST National Faculty, co-chair of the UDL Rising to Equity initiative, and she provides her professional development expertise to support the implementation of UDL in P12 and higher education learning environments.




Inspiring Actionable Innovations is a publication in which educators, organization leaders, and entrepreneurs share resources and explore ideas related to global education innovation. Want to contribute a story? Let us know.

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Lucy Gray

Apple Distinguished Educator Lucy Gray is an educator and consultant. She is also the co-founder of Actionable Innovations Global PLC!

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