Donny Klotz Talks Drones

Donny Klotz showing how he edits movies with iMovie for iOS.

After the drone workshop at the Innovation Lab on St. Petersburg College Seminole campus, I had the opportunity to talk with Donny Klotz about his work in video, and the future of drones.

Klotz was active on public access in the 1990s, and restarted his show, DK’s Adventure Hour, in 2005. It combined original sketches with footage from the 12 Hours of Sebring, and the IndyCar circuit, and lasted until the economic crisis closed Pinellas county public access.

“I was the producer, director, writer, editor and camera operator…in other words, no one helped me with my show which aired for 30 minutes twice per week for a month,” said Klotz

CD: How long do you think it will be until framework for using drones in business is complete?

DK: The FAA is currently drafting up regulations and will require all people who own drones like mine to get a license to operate it. I have no idea what parameters or trading they are going to put into place. I believe it is absolutely necessary though.

CD: How long before the public sees drones as a normal part of the landscape, like airliners, helicopters, or mobile phones?

DK: I hope sooner than later. It’s still a very trendy thing to do to call the police when someone sees a drone flying around the beach. They think it’s an invasion of privacy. I’ve asked many police officers what to expect when people call the police when they see me flying my drone around the beach. They all responded that I’m doing absolutely nothing wrong and pointed out that there is no expectation of privacy when you are on the beach or in any other public area.

You can see more of Donny Klotz’s aerial video on his Youtube channel. Keep up with the latest events at the St. Petersburg College Seminole campus Innovation Lab on their Tumblr and Facebook group.