A business ecosystem driven by unemployed people

What if there was a specialized collaboration platform for unemployed people … a business ecosystem to inspire them to ‘unleash their creative power’ ?

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The unemployment problem is also a problem of social arrangement and culture. It reflects how people perceive reality and economic activity, and how they decide to use their energy, skills and capabilities in order to shape their future and impact their environment

A collaboration platform driven by unemployed people!

Unemployed people will be able to join this online platform to (a) ‘announce’ their professional interests, intents, goals, skills and capabilities (b) be found by teams or other users with similar/ complementary skill-sets and goals (c) find potential partners, associates and/or team members (d) submit a business idea and set up a working team/ ‘virtual startup’ (e) join clusters and ‘virtual startups’, typically consisting of other unemployed people — users of the platform

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