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George Krasadakis
Author of https://www.theinnovationmode.com/ Opinions and views are my own
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Paul Sweeney
Software Developer. Opinions are my own.
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Gaurav Kaila
Data Science Manager @EY and Chief Data Scientist @IdeaChain; A hub for ideas, discussion and collaboration -http://ideacha.in
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Javed Shaikh
Building better future inspires me. Personal opinions.
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Kostas Mammas
Senior Data Scientist @Microsoft | Statistical Programmer
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Alex Papageorgiou
Data analytics consultant focusing on customer and marketing analytics, ex-Googler alex-papageo.com
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Steven O'Kennedy
Technical architect & technology leader at Accenture’s global innovation centre, The Dock. Love designing solutions for complex problems
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Lead Lagomorph at www.sportwarren.co.uk (launching 2020). Songsmith at www.soundcloud.com/papajams. Director of Studies at www.minervatutors.co.uk.
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Milad Alucozai
Venture capitalist investing in early-stages startups. Background as a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, inventor and ex Accenture. linkedin.com/in/miladalucozai/
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