Artificial Intelligence to Translate the Words that You Don’t Know in an Article or a Video

An intelligent gap analysis between a user’s vocabulary and the online content that the user is about to consume. A system that knows upfront the words that the specific user does not (out of all the words in a given article or a video). It then overlays translations and hints only for those — just in time content augmentation according to predicted user’s needs.

A system that can tell what you don’t know and help you understand it.

A user is consuming an article online or reading the news; the system instantly identifies the specific words which are unknown to the user — from all the words contained in the piece of content the system can tell which ones are unknown to the specific user. The user simply experiences inline translation or contextual hints — as part of the content experience.

patent documentation

The technology described herein enables users to enrich their vocabulary by annotating and/or automatically translating specific words, which are predicted to be unknown to the specific user. The user experiences the original content enriched with adaptive, smart in-line annotations of unknown words.

The technology is tailored to individual users by understanding an individual user’s vocabulary in a particular language. As a user consumes content or performs document authoring/editing activities, the system captures language usage patterns, maintained in a private Vocabulary Analytics Store (VAS) for the particular user. Information in the VAS is used as input to a machine classifier that determines whether a word is likely to be known or unknown to a user.



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