How might we improve the assessment of politicians and their decisions?

Empowering Citizens vs Politicians

An always-on assessment process for politicians and their decisions

We all know how modern politics work — the role of media and how politicians are trained to say what their target audience wants to consume; we have all experienced politicians over-promising and committing and then forgetting everything the next day after their election. It is very common for the typical citizen to feel ‘betrayed’ by politicians, political parties and their ideologies.

We need a way to formalize and empower the public opinion on politicians, their actions, statements and decisions. Politicians must feel the pressure as the result of their actions — not only via the established media networks and relationships with journalists but also directly from the general population

Citizens empowered by digital technology

Imagine if there was an always-on, online ‘politician barometer’ reflecting what people think for each particular politician and his/her political activity. A an online tool accessible by anyone on the planet, anytime, as often as needed:

We need to empower the voice of citizens to anonymously rate any politician, at any time; to submit comments, ideas; to challenge and rate specific actions, thoughts, decisions and moves by any given politician

Although this would never be representative or allow statistical inference, it could reach significant scale, sending a clear message back to politicians and political parties: You are all exposed, continuously assessed for your political actions and decisions. The purpose of such a system should be to make the political system work in a better mode; to encourage anonymous citizen participation to provide constructive criticism to politicians, and also promote the good politicians available out there.

A performance dashboard for each politician of the world summarizing popularity, consistency, effectiveness and other key performance metrics: A more objective assessment for politicians and their parties

A politician’s timeline

Each politician could have his/her own political timeline: statements, decisions, actions are all visualized along with related significant news and articles. The timeline could also visualize trending metrics — what people believe and how they react on particular decisions, actions, statements made by the politicians.

A politician’s vision, effectiveness & consistency

Politicians would be able to promote their vision, thoughts, ideas, goals and objectives and effectively communicate with citizens. Both Citizens & politicians will be able to analyse trends and social discussion patterns in a unique way. In the long-run citizens will understand that they have a significant impact in the political scene, while politicians will constantly feel the pressure of this ‘on-going, large scale social assessment’ of their work. Special tools could enable quantification and monitoring of aspects such as politician’s consistency, activity, vision and more.

Named opinions for politicians and their decisions

The platform could also support closed loops of named pubic figures expressing opinions on particular politicians and their decisions also including 360 assessment — among politicians, within or between political parties etc.

A single point of reference regarding politicians

Any news site, blog, social media platform when referencing a politician could enrich the user experience by integrating assessment metadata — the politician dashboard.

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