How to Make the Most of Your Ideas

An ‘ideas backlog’ and other methods to manage your ideas

How to Generate More Ideas

Think as a user!

Whenever you are using a real-world product or service, whenever you have a sub-optimal experience, try to think how would you do it! How it could become better — what are the issues of this poor experience and what is the root cause? There must be a better way, and you can definitely find it!

Create your ‘Ideas Backlog’

Reflect and manage your ideas in a single place
A single living document where you maintain summaries and metadata for every single idea you have. This will allow you to better manage your ideas, and further empower the idea generation process: as you list, describe your ideas, more will come!

Enrich your Ideas Backlog

Classify your ideas
You need a simple but effective classification of your ideas: feasibility, objective, and technological dependencies could be used to better organize your ideas into meaningful clusters.



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