Concept: location-locked messages

Users leaving location & time-locked messages to friends

How about a service enabling anchoring messages in space and time? Then notify the recipients to go discover them?

A user in location A (within a certain radius and/or in an identified, named location/place) can leave a message to a friend or a group of friends. The message becomes available to the targeted user only if he/she gets to the specific place after the message is posted (and within the predefined time frame). The message can be combination of voice/video/text/image or other form of rich media. The recipient might get a notification on this message or not (surprise mode).

A great platform for games and new interaction scenarios. In a small geo-scale this could be the basis for games, personal messages and friends having fun with posting location-triggered messages. In a large geo-scale, users could lock their messages in places around the world. If and when the targeted users visit the same place, they discover the (potentially old) messages. It could also involve public messages — enabling a ‘happened here’ summation.

A user having the app installed, is notified when he is approaching or entering a specific location which has hidden messages for him/her. The user can instantly read the messages and react. The unlocked messages are also available via the web site (the logged in user, can see his/her unlocked messages on the map).

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