Innovation in Times of Crisis

How and why to accelerate innovation amid the pandemic.

Why invest in innovation during times of crisis?

1. To increase your opportunity discovery bandwidth.

2. To improve the ‘state of mind’ of your company.

How to empower innovation in times of crisis?

1. Make it more ‘available’

2. Make it more ‘flexible’

3. Ensure it is ‘purposeful’

4. Increase its ‘bandwidth’

But how to drive the above improvements?

1. Build a digital home for all innovation-related resources: The Innovation Portal.

1. Present the Innovation Context & Calendar

2. Provide a digital toolkit for innovation

3. Diffuse Innovation Knowledge

4. Provide Access to Innovation Assets

2. Emphasize the message: Innovation is the means to achieve a bold purpose.

1. Review your purpose

2. Communicate the purpose

3. Set the Innovation Agenda

3. Establish a stream of problems worth solving

1. Share the message: Innovation is not (only) about ideas

2. Handle ‘Problems’ as ‘innovation assets’

3. Establish a Backlog of Problems

4. Establish an always-on ideas channel

1. Make Idea Submission ‘always-on, accessible by all’

2. Make it Self-Service

3. A model for ideas

5. Establish an ‘always-on opportunity discovery panel’: spot more high-potential ideas, faster.

1. Perform regular reviews — evaluate problems and ideas

2. Setup an action plan

3. Educate your innovators

Innovation in times of crisis: establishing a digital innovation space to empower people to ‘innovate from anywhere’

Author of Opinions and views are my own

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