IdeaChain: An idea publishing platform powered by blockchain.

A chain of ideas ‘written in stone’ on blockchain — in the context of Open Innovation. A global platform for publishing ideas, empowering collaboration, and contribution.

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I genuinely believe in ideas. Great ideas energize and inspire people; they can transform teams, products, companies, or even societies; they can bring fresh views to complex problems; they can reshape strategies and shed light on unexplored areas.

However, every initiative starts with ideas. It is some great ideas and their potential that inspires individuals, businesses, scientists, and the entire world to move further. And this was the source of inspiration for a new kind of sharing platform: a place where people can articulate and share their concepts, in search of ‘attention’ from the ecosystem — other innovators, businesses, the startup world; communities, and the market. A place where businesses would ask the community for ideas and also contribute back with knowledge, resources, and opportunities — in the context of open innovation.

What if there was a global platform for publishing ideas — a place that encourages collaboration and contribution among like-minded individuals, teams, and modern organizations?

The homepage of the ideachain website — an open innovation concept
The homepage of the ideachain website — an open innovation concept
The ideachain prototype

The ideachain concept is defined on top of such a sharing platform — a space that connects ambitious individuals, teams, and businesses in an ‘open innovation’ context.

In this scenario, people use ideachain to manage their ideas as ‘innovation assets’ — they build their reputation as innovators and connect with the broader innovation ecosystem. Businesses and organizations open up their ideation and discovery processes to the innovation community.

Ideachain encapsulates various novel features that make ideation and idea management simpler, fun, and effective. For instance, the ‘Idea Editor’ implements the Universal Model for Ideas, which provides structure and guidance that helps ideators to organize their thoughts into solid ideas; Or, the blockchain publishing feature, which serializes and publishes the idea on Ethereum; Or the gamification engine which tracks user’s innovation activity (not only idea publishing but also contributions to ideas by others, knowledge sharing activities, and more).

1. Editing Ideas with a little help from … AI

The Idea Editor — a tool by ideachain — an open innovation concept
The Idea Editor — a tool by ideachain — an open innovation concept
Ideachain — The Idea Editor — shaping the ‘AI Powered ideation channel’ idea

While working on a new idea, the ‘smart’ editor performs advanced, instant validation and makes intelligent suggestions — via NLP and text mining models — and provides inline, contextual examples for each of the properties of the ‘idea model’.

Ideachain post-processes each idea in order to extract topics, quantify its quality and novelty, to find overlapping or complementary ones, and make ‘smart’ recommendations to the owner.

Alexa, I have an idea. The Universal Model for Ideas makes it easy to support dialogue interfaces (voice & bot) — e.g. the user describes the idea via a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home and the idea is instantly stored in a structured form into the system — indexed, tagged, enriched and depending on user’s preference, discoverable.

2. Idea Understanding

The Universal Idea Model enables direct comparison of ideas in terms of similarity, and gap analysis which triggers ‘smart’ suggestions for merge or group operations. The recommendation engine creates personalized suggestions to users on how to improve their ideas, explore similar ones, browse relevant patents, discover inventors with relevant content, and complementary skills.

3. Idea Management

‘Encrypt & protect’ OR ‘Set-in-stone & share’?

Sharing ideas with the world (but signing them on Blockchain first)

As an ideator I want to be able to share my idea with the world while getting an undisputable ‘proof of sharing’; So I get credits for sharing my idea and grow my reputation as innovator.

With the click of a button, the ideator can ‘serialize the idea’, produce a hash, and publish it as the payload of a blockchain transaction — in this instance on Ethereum.

The Idea Viewer — a tool that presents an idea and its properties — offered by ideachain
The Idea Viewer — a tool that presents an idea and its properties — offered by ideachain
The idea viewer presenting the ‘AI-powered ideation channel’ idea — also with the signature from the blockchain — Ethereum in this instance

The blockchain transaction record creates a baseline, an indisputable timestamp that enriches the original idea. Innovators can reference their signed-on-blockchain-ideas (and the traction they gain in the platform) as part of their professional innovation achievements — e.g. innovation assets in their LinkedIn profiles, CVs, etc.

Handling ideas securely with trackable disclosure to selected users

A real instance of an idea — presented via the Idea Viewer, in ideachain
A real instance of an idea — presented via the Idea Viewer, in ideachain
Another example of an idea signed on blockchain (Ethereum) — a pre-covid idea :)

Getting an assessment of an idea by trusted partners, under NDA

4. Idea Contribution Tracking

5. Networking


Author of Opinions and views are my own

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