The data-driven corporation

Data & technology does not ensure better decisions unless an additional component is added to the mix: the data-driven culture

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The data-driven culture

As the data engineering lead at datamine decision support systems, I’ve seen several companies struggling to establish the so-called ‘data-driven culture’.

  • Systematically share insights and interesting data findings with possible follow-ups in order to ask for interpretation and ideas/proposals on how to make them actionable
  • Share real success stories on how the use of data allowed smart decisions with real financial gains for the company
  • Share the vision and data strategy of the company. Ask for ideas, proposals, requests
  • Ask for feedback on the overall data-driven experience. Capture needs and requests for new reports, additional data points, or new data analysis capabilities, data models, visualizations
  • Run mini-hackathons with known, hidden patterns in your data (artificial or real ones) and asks teams to discover them
  • Establish formal training sessions on data analysis and reporting tools
  • Make data analysis a must for every business proposal, idea, business case

The self-service insights store

Every employee should be able to easily understand the performance of the company, the competitors, the corresponding local and global economic environment and the market dynamics.

Personalized Insight experiences

Interactive data insights stories provide a modern way to package and communicate data findings and interesting patterns, within the corporation. Either manually or automatically generated by AI, data stories can present a particular aspect of the business, the impact of certain decisions, and the results of large-scale online experiments.

Insights from smart buildings

Smart buildings could be directly connected to the self-service insights store in order to access white-listed widgets (suitable for exposure within the building) and visualize business insights through the network of public screens within the corporate buildings.

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