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What if consumers could anonymously publish their buying plans online? What if retailers could target specific buying plans with special personalized offers?

Retailers used the platform to promote certain products to those consumers actually planning to buy the exact same products or similar ones. They could also benefit from the capability to make personal offers directly to selected consumers.

A free service for consumers offering a range of new capabilities such as social advice, targeted & personalized offers, according to their buying plans, highly-related, rich-media content, including ‘interactive’ ads.

Advanced functionality for Retailers to target customers according to their buying plans, get promoted via personalized offers, video ads, product sponsorships, achieve significant social-media effects; Get feedback, insight & analytics on each promotional activity

In absolute contrast with the %deal% range of services, was about personalized experiences, intelligent offers, and content delivery.

Users had access to an ‘endless’ feed of rich video content, including ads, all matching the selected buying plan: highly-relevant ads, interactive and also allowing the user to submit feedback to the advertiser! Anonymously! attracted attention and generated noise in the Greek market and appeared several times in major media channels — including Star Channel TV prime time News.

The service was discontinued back in Feb 2014.

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