The landscape of Polish B2B software companies (SaaS), February 2020

Wiktor Rybicki
Feb 10 · 3 min read

SaaS Landscape, Poland

About me: I work as an investment analyst at Innovation Nest, a seed-stage VC fund focused on European B2B SaaS companies.

Polish software developers are well-known for their skills. Poland ranks as the third country with the best programmers globally. With a score of 98.0, the Republic of Poland places only two points away from China, which leads the ranking with a score of 100.00 (source: HackerRank Ranking 2016). There definitely is a number of reasons for that. The level of the Polish education system, and especially its strong focus on maths and computer science in pre-university education, being one of them.

With that educational background and increased support by government and the private sector, every year, more and more software companies are emerging in Poland. There is, however, one very important link missing. That is the business acumen and the experience of transferring the skills and ideas into a sustainable business. At the end of the day, the strength of the ecosystem and the quality of innovation hinges first and foremost upon the knowledge exchange and willingness to share experiences by those who have them. And experienced founders can also oftentimes learn from aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, this would ideally be a win-win scenario.

Below you can find a landscape of Polish companies which create software products for business (in SaaS model). The landscape can serve as a reference for those of you considering creating a solution in one of the areas presented. It might make it easier to spot and ask for advice the founders who operate in your space of interest, or if not, even have a look at how different problems in different sectors are being solved.

Here you can find the links to the map:

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The selection was based on factors such as presence in various rankings, total funding raised, investors who invested in the company, founders experience, subjective assessment of the product and other aspects. I would be happy to take any suggestions on companies missing or otherwise. For that or any other comments, please write at

Some statistics

  • Average total funding raised, given available data, was €2.88M (excluding the funding of Booksy of €44.5M).
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  • Top cities and some other statistics about the companies included
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