The Show Goes On — An Update!

Another killer quarter in the books here at NorthOut with a handful of exciting new partners, a growing team and some awesome victories across the portfolio. If you read our previous post, you already know that 2017 has been an exciting year as we plowed headfirst into driving digital innovation in the enterprise with a heavy focus on machine learning tech. That said, here are a few key highlights:

  • Haptic Feedback Fun: Along with Tactai, we’re bringing haptic feedback to mobile imagery — soon you’ll actually be able to feel your pictures. Killer!
  • Plannuh: Along with Peter Mahoney & team, we’re cranking out code on an intelligent, easy-to-use tool that will replace your boring, spreadsheet based marketing budgets.
  • ChatBot Acceleration: We’ve launched a series chat based experiences from the coworking space to banking in the first half of 2017. Throughout that process, our team launched a custom framework for our clients which enables lightning fast, private deployment across communication platforms. Think speeeed.
  • Team Expansion: Our data engineering team added two new members who’ve quickly gotten in the weeds with our clients. Specifically, we’re pumped to announce Avinash Navlani has joined NorthOut as our data science lead. Avinash will bring his masters in data science along with 6 years of academia experience to our partners to help create machine learning system for data-driven decision making. Along with his diverse perspectives, you’ll find Avinash speaking at industry events internationally.
  • ARKit & CoreML: In iOS 11 (don’t upgrade to the beta unless you’re okay with the risks!), Apple launched new internal augmented reality and machine learning frameworks. These enable entire new app experiences — and we especially love ARKit. Our weekends have been spent creating demos and partner POCs from furniture AR all the way to making a storm trooper walk around the office. You can tell that Apple is going all-in on this space and it’s going to be an exciting next year for them. Happy to send anyone a demo.

And that’s just a taste of what we’ve been up to over here in the last few months. Looking forward, we’ll be announcing 3–4 new partners each week coming up and launching a new data platform alongside an insurance provider. Onward!

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