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Happy Monday! Your dose of Disruptive Innovation for This Week

3 Highlighted Stories for this week

How Come Tesla Builds Its Gigafactories at a Phenomenal Speed?

5 Tesla Gigafactories and now, 20 overall Gigafactories of all the companies are being built.

The math is simple. We need to first understand why Gigactories are necessary in the first place. Tesla is an EV company and EVs are made of batteries. Batteries are the most costly components of Tesla manufacturing and Tesla needs to scale up its battery production to reach the economies of scale and that’s exactly what they are doing with already 5 Gigafactories. These gigafactories are the buildings with the largest footprint in the world and yet, they are finished in less than a year. Ever wondered how it works?

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The Social Distancing Innovation Book Club

Simon Sinek — Not What, but Why?

I hate business books. Y’know, the padded-out pieces of overpriced guff written by some smug bastard that often knows the square root of fuck all about the real world. Hang on, maybe I should write on? *puts on the COVID-19 social distancing to-do list*

But seriously, they’re often terrible. I rest my case at Simon Sinek.

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The Formula of How Canva Became a $40 Billion Design Company

Canva became one of the top online software platforms making design available for everyone in the world.

I use Canva for 4 years now. I always felt that design programs were never intuitive. However, Canva was incredibly user-friendly, versatile, online, and free. From the moment it was founded in 2013, Canva’s energy for growth was explosive and original. Now, the company is valued at $40 billion with the latest 200 million investment from the top investors. Let’s dive into how a company from Perth, Australia has become one of the top design software companies in the world.

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Learn the Best and Easy Way to Mine Cryptocurrency

The Helium Network technology is an incredible technology building the People’s Network of IoT and now, 5G. A Google-backed business, co-founded by Napster founder, Shawn Fanning, Helium Network already has a network of ~200,000 hotspots mining Helium coin by people with no technical knowledge. You can also make up to $10,000 a month passively.

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