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Innovation Party Weekly — Edition 5

Airbnb Summer 2022. Quantum Computers. Vertical Farming

What’s On Our Mind

  • Crypto Winter. Beginning with Bitcoin, most of the crypto market lost traction and volume because the speculative market lost the interest of traders. Robin Hood lost 90% value. That can give us a pretty good idea about the descent in the crypto market. To minimize your risk, you may want to invest in less speculative and volatile assets that actually have great products or services consistently. Interestingly, when something happens to BTC, the same applies to all the other cryptocurrencies, following almost the same exact trend.
  • Stock Market. The inflated market lost significant value overall because of inflation, interest rates, and Russian Ukranian fears. The economy requires consistency in the good news. S&P 500 companies are big enough to create their own consistency for creating value.
  • In-Flight Wifi. Alaska Airlines will start using Starlink and most of Europe and 32 countries overall are now able to use Starlink dishes for high-speed internet access. It seems, thanks to Starlink, the low-orbit, high-speed internet will become a norm for all the flights in the next few years and there will not be any remote areas which don’t have access to the internet. Could we have a Starlink mobile operator so that we can have access to VOIP phone service anywhere in the world for a fixed rate? That could be the next step forward, which would make Starlink the next big thing.

Elon Musk Quote of the Week

For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.

Seems Trump is coming back soon. The hard decision to show trust in freedom of speech.

This Week’s Innovation Party

Airbnb 2022 Summer. The Path to “Work Anywhere” Company

Airbnb is a company that has changed the way we think about staying away from home by having a simple slogan: “Live There” and lately, “Belong Anywhere” by harnessing the power of design thinking, they have created an app and an experience that is second to none. Let’s delve into what made Airbnb win the vacation rental market and turn it into a “Work Anywhere” company.

With features like gamification, a rating system, great storytelling, simplicity, unbelievable design UI/UX design skills, and more, Airbnb has won over its competitors and become the go-to choice for travelers.

Just released its summer 2022 plans, Airbnb is sure to continue its domination of the travel industry.

If Airbnb was thought of like a ship, it was first a small invisible boat in the stormy ocean until its YC moment came with 2 hyperfocused co-founders who thought they could find the promised land no matter what. After so many unlucky and near-death moments, Airbnb survived with the help of its visionary founders, huge investments, the Silicon Valley effect, and blietzscaling (growing hyperfast) pouring money into the world and it worked.

Let’s first start with what they released for Summer 2022:

  • Categorization and gamification. They basically worked hard creating serendipity and unusual happy life with your loved ones. They created types of homes (castles, caves, vineyards, etc.) and types of lifestyles (surfing, etc.)
  • Created split home categorization. If you are thinking of booking a place for more than a week, then, they thought of splitting your stay into two homes giving a different taste in the same region or country.

In Brian Chesky’s own words:

“I think that the office as we know it, is over,” he told Time. “We can’t try to hold on to 2019 any more than 1950. We have to move forward.”

“If the office didn’t exist, I like to ask, would we invent it? And if we invented it, what would it be invented for? Obviously, people are going to still go to hospitals and work, people are going to still go to coffee shops and work — those spaces make complete sense. But I think that for somebody whose job is on a laptop, the question is, well, what is an office meant to do?”

This means that a flexible lifestyle is on and he envisions true globalization, which should be based on reliable and big data seeing the dominating trend among guests.

As Google is adapting to its culture, a hybrid work lifestyle will prevail making it for anyone to work from wherever they can have internet access and Airbnb will definitely become a significant part of the equation.

For more on Airbnb 2022 Summer Release.

What will Quantum Computers Mean for Tomorrow’s Society?

Almost nobody talks about it, however, quantum computing is already a part of our lives. That’s how artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies work solving extremely complicated challenges within a second when the same challenge used to take weeks, months, or years for yesterday’s computing capacity. Let’s dive into quantum computers and see how they will add extraordinary value to the advancement of our species and individual lives.

The basic idea behind a quantum computer is that it uses the concept of superposition to store information. Superposition, in simple terms, is the idea that a quantum particle can exist in multiple states at once. The particles themselves are simply “bits” of information, or a 1 or a 0 — but using the property of superposition, it’s possible for these bits to be both 1 and 0 at the same time.

1) Artificial Intelligence: Quantum computing will provide a surge of capacity for A.I. agencies which will allow them to perfect driving cars, text-based virtual assistants, and self-diagnosing medical equipment.

2) Cryptography: Breaking encryption codes will be easier for quantum computers, however, they cannot crack all codes; many systems may be made more secure. Although the ability to break current codes is attractive to law enforcement agencies like the FBI, there are already emerging techniques that can make encryption more secure. Quantum computers are not a silver bullet for breaking encryption.

3) Molecular Simulation: This will allow scientists to build new materials, design drugs, and study molecules at atomic levels of detail which may lead to breakthroughs in medicine.

4) Materials Analysis: Scientists could also use it to analyze materials that can generate energy or improve on current technologies.

The major challenge in quantum computing is its cost, however, as in every technology the cost factor is reducing each year paving the way for general access to quantum computing as the technology advances and economies of scale take effect. You may want to see the latest advancements via IBM Quantum Computing. They are leading the way.

For more on Quantum Computing

Vertical Farming. Why Aren’t We Talking About This Breakthrough?

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers, often incorporating controlled-environment agriculture techniques. This allows farmers to grow crops all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

The controlled-environment agriculture of vertical farming aims to optimize plant growth, and soilless farming techniques such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics.

With the chosen vertical farming technology, crops are cultivated in stacked plant cups within tower-like structures. These towers are actually hydroponic systems designed to produce the perfect micro-climate and allow farmers to grow whatever types of crops they choose, year-round.

Vertical farming technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are now many different types of vertical farming systems available, which we will look into shortly.

The Benefits of Vertical Farming

There are many benefits to vertical farming, both for farmers and for the environment.

Growing Crops All-Year-Around

One of the biggest advantages of vertical farming is that it allows farmers to grow crops all year round, regardless of weather conditions. This means that vertical farmers can produce a higher yield of crops, as there are no seasons or weather conditions to contend with.

This is because vertical farms are often located indoors, where they can be carefully controlled. This means that vertical farmers can avoid the negative effects of weather, pests, and diseases. As a result, vertical farming can help to ensure a consistent and reliable food supply.

Sustainable Production

Vertical farming also uses less water than traditional farming methods, as the water is recycled and reused within the system. This makes vertical farming a much more sustainable option for farmers.

Additionally, vertical farms can use recycled water and resources, and they generate less pollution.

Diversity in Production

You can grow just about anything with vertical farming, from leafy greens and herbs to tomatoes and strawberries. In fact, any crop that can be grown in soil can also be grown using vertical farming technology. The main advantage of vertical farming is that it allows farmers to produce a larger quantity of crops in a smaller space. This is because vertical farming takes advantage of vertical space that would otherwise go unused. Additionally, vertical farming can be used to grow crops in locations where traditional farming is not possible, such as in urban areas or on rooftops.

For more on Vertical Farming.

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