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Week 15 (09th November — 15th November)

This week started off with me speaking to a few of our advisers about starting to use WhatsApp. Only under the circumstances of receiving documents from clients but at least using advisers we could test the platform in real time advice situations. Obviously we couldn't give the advisers access to the Business WhatsApp account so I would have to receive the docs and upload them to casebook for the time being, at least until we implemented it full time and we could get the admin staff up and running on it.

We had our first run through later this week, curtesy of Malcolm (one of our advisers) who needed to see some documents a client had. The process was going smoothly until I noticed after looking at the clients profile on Casebook that it was a new case, so I then couldn't attach them to the clients case as there wasn't one written up yet. This to me is a major pitfall in our potential use of WhatsApp as a document sharing platform as, although there was nothing wrong with the process, it would ultimately take us back to getting the docs through WhatsApp and then similar to previously, emailing them to the adviser. So essentially it was adding a step to a process that didn't really need to be there.

However, after speaking with Malcolm after he had finished his session with the client. He did say that it was actually much quicker than having it sent just through email, as it saved giving the client the admin email, which quite often in the past had led to documents not being received as the email address had been incorrectly entered. So, just getting the client to add the Organisations WhatsApp number and then sending the docs through was a much more straight forward process than through email.

Throughout the project I have been gathering useful resources for BSL users and pulling together information on the project so that we could put together pages on the website informing people of what the project is etc. After speaking with our Campaigns and Communications Manager and sending through the information we’re hoping to get the page up and running as soon as possible. I’ll insert screenshots of the finished pages in later posts but will insert an image of the kind of information we would be looking to include on the webpages

Project Information Page for our Local Citizens Advice Webpage

I also had a meeting with Aldingbourne Trust managers Thursday to answer any questions they had about the project. The meeting was short and sweet but I feel we really got our aims across to the managers and they were all happy to start engaging with the easy read survey.

I have also started putting together a statement for the Access All Areas Committee when they attend the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board. It just gives a brief overview of the work we have done together so far, our plans for the future and our experience of working together.

We are also looking to create posters, one to give to local services about helping progress the project forward and another one, to put up into our centres windows (as we are currently closed) about accessing our new video advice service. In order to get my ideas and scribbles turned into actual designs and posters, I contacted Kirsty H — I shared with Kirsty my word document scribbles and we discussed how I wanted each poster to look, the colour scheme, wording etc.

Waiting to go into my meeting with Kirsty H to discuss the posters design



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