IoT — Something connects to Internet and does CURL for Data Discovery and Interchange

To get the value of IoT, you’re going to have to deal with a ton of data,
 — Utzschneider, Vice President Product Management IoT, Oracle.

Cloud Computing’ and ‘REST API’ are no longer the buzz words for Information Technology. They have become the essential parts of building the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) providing fundamental services to support more complex Service-Oriented architectures (SOA), like Internet of Things for ‘real-world’ services running on physical devices.

SOA Thinking!

With the convergence of mobile, social, cloud, and big data analytics, SOA is more important than ever before for offering insight and integrating systems from end to end.” — IBM

And, to me, IoT devices are ‘something’ connecting to Internet and doing CURL.

So, here it comes the Microservices and now Cloud Functions. Here is a good illustration of Lambda pattern and Google Cloud Functions. Well, I just signed up for GCF Alpha access. There is an interesting discussion on Google App Engine vs. Lambda (one of the comments is very interesting).

REST API as a Platform and for Data Governance — No more building from scratch

I have programmed several REST API frameworks, i.e. Laravel (and the Lumen — the micro-version) or Node.js + Express. There are now more REST API platforms enabling plug-and-play database access; and, moreover, security (authentication and authorization) and auditing mechanisms for implementation of data governance. One Opensource example is and my experimental work (add 10/16/2016) with the Single Board Computer (Raspberry Pi / Pine64).

Time to be Agile

It will probably not surprise me when we start to hear ‘Nano’ Services while ‘Micro’ is not agile enough. Computing Agility of being able to start LIGHT and fork RAPIDLY will probably in high demand, I think!