A Project/Grant Opportunity — Computer Science

I am invited by Dr. Shih-Hsi Alex Liu, Computer Science professor at Fresno State, to be the Technical Advisor in his join project/grant proposal with Hands On Central California. The proposal has been submitted yesterday.

A brief description about the project

Working with local nonprofit organization to introduce a proposal that proposed to implement a data analysis service on AWS or Salesforce, along with smartphone app or web interface, that may be applicable to both volunteers and non-profit organizations (NPO). 

For volunteers, volunteer tracking hours, events and organizers (and maybe other useful info) they attended are stored. for NPO, they may post upcoming events to recruit volunteers. the purpose of the service is to offer a recommendation system that suggest volunteers what NPO events they may attend next based on their past history. Similarly, it offers NPOs data of all hours provided to them and the patterns of volunteers. also the service could recommend prospective/potential volunteers that match the needs. 

This is a service that can serve to *entire* local NPO and volunteers bi-directionally and mutual beneficial based on cloud computing + data science is lacking.

Technical Buzz Words

Cloud Computing, AWS, Salesforce, Mobile App Development, Analytics, Computer Science — Fresno State, REST API, IoT, Big Data