Announcing LINK:

Our Latest Ecosystem to Accelerate Global Supply Chain Innovation

By: Harpinder Singh, Daniel Goldstein, and Andy Triedman

Among the biggest hurdles for new technologies isn’t need or even imagination, it’s implementation. How do you test a new technology with real customers? How do you scale it? How do you weave a leading-edge technology into day-to-day business? We find many of these answers in our ecosystems, and that’s why we’re excited to launch LINK, focused on accelerating innovation in supply chain.

LINK is the third ecosystem we’ve launched at Innovation Endeavors, including Farm2050, which is transforming agriculture, and Deep Life, which is weaving together life sciences with computer science. By connecting the biggest players in industries with the world’s most cutting-edge ideas, ecosystems help leapfrog typical (and usually slow) timelines allowing startups to quickly ideate, test, build, and deploy. As we have spent time with countless industry leaders and supply chain startups like Fabric, ClearMetal, Gatik, Third Wave Automation, Farmer’s Fridge, and Afresh, we realized that this is an area where we could apply our prior experiences building ecosystems to make a difference in how technology is adopted throughout the supply chain.

Check out more in our launch announcement that we wrote with our LINK co-lead, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP), and find out how LINK will kick-start the Super Evolution for supply chain and logistics.




Investing in visionary founders, transformational technology and emergent ecosystems for a new world.

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Harpinder Singh

Innovation Endeavors

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