Welcome Amir Shevat, Our New Venture Partner!

Hiking the Mist Trail at Yosemite National Park.

We are excited to welcome Amir Shevat, our newest Venture Partner at Innovation Endeavors. We’ve known Amir for a long time — as a highly-skilled entrepreneur, experienced mentor among the developer community, and as a sophisticated Werewolf player within our own Curiosity Camp community. :)

Over the past year, Amir and I have kept in touch through a weekly hiking group I’ve put together. The hikes have been a great way to process this sort-of time travel we’ve all been experiencing. We talk a lot at Innovation Endeavors about the Super Evolution, so it’s been interesting to see major, rapid transformations taking place across every part of our lives. During these hikes, our conversations unpack the drivers and implications of big changes such as the mind-blowing speed of healthcare innovation to meet emerging demand; the acceleration of automation in supply chain; the rapid changes happening across the software infrastructure and enterprise tooling as cloud adoption accelerates; and much, much more. True to form, Amir has always offered an optimistic and thoughtful perspective on the latest developments.

Covid has accelerated technology growth and industry transformation by a decade or more, and Amir has a keen eye and ear for identifying novel technological approaches. In fact, among developers, Amir is well-known for building developer communities. Thanks to his experience with large company ecosystems like Microsoft and Google, as well as with high-growth start-ups like Slack and Twitch, he has a special ability to connect with entrepreneurs about the thrills (and pains) of building products. He is also the author of two books that are published by O’Reilly: Designing Web APIs and Designing Bots.

Amir has a special knack for identifying the developers who feel the irresistible need to investigate the problem and experiment with possible solutions. He realizes the role developers play in driving forward this moment of transformation. As a venture partner, Amir will help us partner with startups building the next generation of developer communities.

Amir already has a great track record of investment in industry-changing startups. From OpenBase which is creating a fast-growing developer community, Vareto which is reimagining the way we manage P&Ls, and Calmigo which is helping people deal with anxiety without medication.

We’re thrilled for Amir to jump in with us at Innovation Endeavors!




Investing in visionary founders, transformational technology and emergent ecosystems for a new world.

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