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Data Placemats & Emergent Learning Tables: Tools to Meaningfully Engage Diverse Perspectives in Evaluation Sensemaking

Image created by Veena Pankaj, Innovation Network

The Data Interpretation Meeting

To truly understand and leverage the data into meaningful action, we would need to involve those that are connected to the communities and the communities themselves in the sensemaking process.

The Emergent Learning Table

4QP’s Emergent Learning Platform
  • Quadrant 1: Ground Truth/Data (discussion of experiences and stories)
  • Quadrant 2: Insights (an opportunity to collaboratively reflect on the data to highlight patterns and generate insights)
  • Quadrant 3: · Hypotheses (an opportunity to generate new ideas for moving forward)
  • Quadrant 4: Moving to action (making a plan to test new hypotheses)

Data Placemats

The visual nature of the data placemat makes it easier for participants to digest information, enabling them to more readily engage in productive conversation around the data.

Adapted from 4QP’s Emergent Learning Platform

What did this make possible?

What did we learn?

The emergent learning table demonstrated the power of incorporating real-time, collaborative reflection in the evaluation sense-making process. Data placemats offered a way to share data collected through the evaluation to help participants digest large amounts of information to meaningfully engage in collaborative sensemaking and idea generation.



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