Hilarious Innovations for the passionate you #4

Or how to have a career without having to do the hard work

So you are in this meeting. Your boss is standing in front of the whiteboard ,writing down a couple of urgent action points that need to be addressed. Pronto.

As he is listing action point after action point, the people in the room know what’s coming. Your boss is going to turn around, face the meeting room and assign these action points to a small number of people. You know you are going to be one of them. So you need to act NOW, or you are screwed.

What are you going to do?

While your palms start to sweat your brain is quickly looking for excuses. But you can only come up with a few lousy ones. Your boss isn’t going to accept them.

Oh man, you are F…D BIG TIME

Then your boss looks at you, he starts to speak. You know what’s coming. He is going to say “Well Marc I think I’ll assign these first eight action points to you.”

The incredible “Escape ring”

But then you remember. You just received the brand new “Escape ring” from Kickstarter yesterday. You bring your hands underneath the table and you quickly push the button on top of your ring as soon as your boss opens his mouth

“Well Marc I think a…”

Ring ring ring.

Everyone looks at you while you are taking your cellphone out of your pocket. You have an incoming phone call. ;-) As you look at your screen, you say “I’m sorry, but I have to take this call” And you rush out of the meeting room.

The escape ring just saved your butt.

Thanks to this ring, your phone will start to ring whenever you push the button on the ring. This will give you the necessary excuse to leave the meeting room. After all, you just received an important phone call. Right?

Whatever you do now. Don’t go back into that meeting room. Make sure to disappear on the office floor. What will happen is that your boss will wait for a few minutes until you return. But after some time, he will re-assign those action points to the other people in the room. Haha, you just saved yourself a lot of work.

And you come out squeaky clean.

Because everyone now believes, you just received an important customer phone call. Which you correctly addressed. Talk about professionalism.

Your email inbox… Full with urgent mails

But wait. The ring can do much more. For example. You are sitting at your desk when a colleague approaches you. She is asking

“Did you take action for that urgent email I sent you last week”?

As you stare at her, you remember. You completely forgot about that email. Fear not. Push two times on the ring, and this will quickly rearrange your email client.

Your email inbox… After the Escape ring made a few changes

When you now look at your inbox, those urgent emails are no longer there. Nope, instead it shows you a clean inbox containing some happy customer emails. What a great inbox that is. Now you say to her.

“I’m not sure if I received an email like that from you”.

She will look at your screen and go like. “Hmmm, that’s strange. I’m sure I emailed it to you. Maybe it never arrived” . Then you waive her off with the old “Ah the great mystery of IT” joke. You just saved your butt again. How convenient is that?

The Escape ring. A great new invention for people who want a career without doing the hard work.

“Innovations for the 21st century” is a series of weekly inventions. 
with a twist
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