Hilarious Innovations for the passionate you #8

Shoes that can handle any weather situation

Ok, we’ve all been through this. Summertime is here, and you have to go out to a friend’s BBQ. You are standing in front of your shoe rack and the question comes. Sandals (after all it’s summer) or sneakers?

One look outside the window shows you. It’s very cloudy today. Haha, you think. Problem solved. Let’s go for sneakers.

Half an hour later. You are at your friend’s BBQ party. The party is in full swing. As is the sun. Boy, your feet start to cook and you wished you had gone for sandals.

You kid yourself. “No big deal. If I had gone for a pair of sandals, it would be probably raining cats and dogs”.

But with my new invention, this is now a thing of the past. Introducing the sneaker sandal. The sneaker sandal is a new lightweight, high-tech shoe. We call it shoe 2.0.

The sneaker sandal comes with a mobile app. Via the app, you can quickly transform your sneaker into a sandal. Are your feet becoming too hot? No problem.

Just pop out the smartphone and fire up the app. One push of a button starts the magic. A small silent motor inside the sneaker sandal opens (or closes) the front tip of your shoe. A sneaker becomes a beautiful open summer shoe or vice versa.

The app flawlessly connects to the sneaker sandal using a Bluetooth connection. You can even automate the process. A smart algorithm in the app knows when it’s time to open or close your shoe, based on your GPS position. It’s great.

Available in 5 different colours, with more to come.

“Innovations for the 21st century” is a series of weekly inventions. 
with a twist.

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