Community Engagement — Reflection

Community engagement is the process of gathering collected data on community organizations and applying a vision board to benefit the community as a whole. I used to think community involvement was gathering the opinions of people and researching evidence-based data. The interaction assignment is beneficial in knowing about different chatbots applied in social media platforms. Keeping up with the advancement of technology and social media is constantly increasing over time. Since the invention of the internet, it evolved from AOL modems, Wifi, smartphone apps to chat bots. Online users commonly use interactive social media platforms. Whatsapp, Facebook, Quartz and Mundo News invented chat bots to get the community involved and updated on current news. These smartphone chat bots are specialized tools that work as artificial intelligence and implicate human interaction. At the beginning of the semester I was unaware of high-tech inventions, but reading these articles and using these chat bots gave me a better understanding of them. I enjoy using the Facebook messenger chat bot because I discovered that the app without having a Facebook account and if it weren’t for this assignment I wouldn’t be able to interact with Facebook members. Throughout my journalism program, it has been essential to have a Facebook messenger to gather story topics and sources. The readings were interesting on how writers collected data on particular groups of people and through that process you learn more about their culture. The readings of “Design Thinking” and “Tell Us your story, we’re listening,” applies to problem-solving the concerns of the community. Design Thinking describes the process of understanding the needs of people and finding a solution to their problem. Tell Us your story, gives a description of people in Jackson Heights and the after effects of the presidential election. 
For the project idea of off-campus commuters, it has been a concern why people choose to move off campus after living on the campus for at least a semester. I can relate to this story because I am a transfer student from California and chose to move off campus after one year because residential housing made it a requirement in order to qualify for New York state residency, I would need to have an off-campus house address and have a driver license/ vehicle registered. You can imagine how the price of living on campus and off campus almost balances each other out. The benefits of living off campus are fewer regulations to abide by, privacy, and tuition becomes affordable. The role I played in my team project was writer/editor, collecting survey data and interviewing sources. The first week, I went to the commuters association meeting and gathered studies. The following week, I interviewed off-campus student residents took profile pictures and asked questions about their experience living off campus. The last week, I talked landlords and took pictures of homes they were renting and did research on renting cost off campus in Suffolk County, particularly near Stony Brook. I also assisted in editing the execution report. I would need more time to gather more detailed data and work on my questions before interviewing each person. The necessary skills in the newsroom applied are efficient team communication, whether being on a platform such as Slack or Group, organization, collaborating with your teammates on task by following up and meeting deadlines. Community engagement was beneficial getting to know our environment in greater detail and a little more about each other as journalists.