Back home from ApacheCon Austin 2015

Back to my real life now, home from Texas and this years ApacheCon in Austin. Once again, what a great event, full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Of the events I have been to over the years, ApacheCon ranks right at the top, the amount of really clever people and the diverse range of topics makes for a highly interesting 3 days.

This year my travel and accommodation(beer excluded) was kindly sponsored by the Linux Foundation and as a speaker to have that kind of support is amazing. I did 3 talks over the 3 days, 2 about Apache OODT and one about Apache Calcite. The great thing about ApacheCon is you don’t have to be the worlds most knowledgeable guy on a subject to give a useful and informative talk, my Apache Calcite presentation very much came from the perspective of a user and integrator, not as a developer on the project, because I don’t know how to write query optimisation routines in Java code! But I do know how to use it and how to extend it, and to have a number of people come up to me after the presentation and tell me how useful it had been and how they plan to use it, is great feedback and will hopefully move Apache Calcite from the incubator to fully fledged Apache top level project. Similarly having a lot of people in my Monday session about getting started with Apache OODT was equally as good(even if its a bit unnerving having the JPL guys walk in mid talk to check I’m not talking nonsense! ;) )

Of course ApacheCon isn’t all about the talks and presentations, its also about getting drunk and playing beach volleyball at 1am…. and of course meeting new people and extending the Apache Software Foundation community and driving adoption further globally, and looking at the lightning talks and hands raised at the end, it shows the ASF it thriving and in great hands.

So once again, thanks to everyone who showed up to my talks, thanks to everyone who showed up at the conference in general, and thanks to those of you who put up with my ranting each night in the bar.

For those of you who missed my presentations here are my slides(which may or may not be very informative)

SQL Over Anything with Apache Calcite

OODT Workflows

Getting Started With OODT

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