Whats new in 3.2?

Meteorite BI
Jun 3, 2015 · 5 min read

So Saiku Analytics 3.2 is nearly upon us so I thought I’d take this opportunity to showcase/showoff some of the cool new stuff that is arriving in 3.2 or has arrived recently.

So first up lets get the less exciting but highly useful stuff out of the way, the stuff your end users wont care about, but you as integrators probably do…..

Server side changes

Upgrade of Spring Security. So we upgraded Spring at last, coupling this with the removal of enunciate, means we can now run on JDK8, whoop.

We also took that opportunity to upgrade Tomcat to the 7 series, so we are more current than before, we’re working on 8.x but there are some niggles there.

We’ve also (I told you this was boring) tidied up some of the PDF export code and session handling to make it all a bit more streamlined.

UI Enhancements

Okay so now we got the boring changes out of the way, whats cool and new in Saiku 3.2?

Admin Console

Schema Export

Okay so first up isn’t the most exciting, but is useful. If you have a schema stored in your repository you want to export, you can now hit the download button from within the Admin console to download the XML file that contains your schema.

Query Window

Query Overwrite Warning

So I’m getting off to a slow start, this is just a bit of usability that we felt was missing from the platform, and so when users try and swap cubes on a running query they now get prompted that they will remove whatever currently exists in that query. (You can switch this off if it gets annoying).

Open multiple queries at once

Another JIRA we’ve had in out backlog since the beginning of time, just a little addition to allow users to open all the queries contained in 1 folder at the same time. The use case was if you have a folder of reports you need to check daily, and I could see how that would make sense, and as such, it is so.

Fixed CDE Widget

People complain about the broken CDE widget all the time, and as of yet no one has been nice enough just to fix it themselves and provide us with a patch(come on community we’re in this together) and so I finally got around to figuring out what no one else could be bothered to figure out.

Multi Sunburst Charts

New chart type, multi sunburst charts, useful when you have multiple columns and/or measures.

Skin Customisation

We wanted to make it easier for people to change the logos, from Saiku ones to own brand icons, so we’ve provided helpers within the UI to allow users to change the logos without having to edit the HTML or Javascript. EE Users will also get a nice UI dialog to do this in 3.2 GA.

Table Context Menu

The return of the table context menu. Again, a much requested feature, but we’ve only got so much time to do all the requests. The table context menu was available in 2.6 and disappeared in 3.0, not because we didn’t want it, but because we didn’t have time to put it back in. It has finally returned and as such you can now click on dimension labels to edit the contents of the table…. Rad!

Measure Groups

This is very cool, Measure Groups are a way within Mondrian 4 to cluster Measures into distinct groupings, so if you have a lot of Measures you can bucket them. Measure Groups are also the way Mondrian 4 does what used to be known as Virtual Cubes, but Measure Groups are better, as such we figured it was quite an important feature, and so, it has now arrived.

Maps(EE only)

We’ve added an initial version of Maps to Saiku 3.2 EE, this allows users to create Geo, Heat and Marker maps from within the UI, you can also use Google to Geocode addresses from the resultset on the fly, pretty useful especially with whats coming below….


Okay so saving the best till last. Saiku 3.2 EE has now got its own dashboard designer. Those of you who are used to hacking around in CTools, you’ll be disappointed, our aim was to create something that users could interact with without writing any HTML and Javascript, and we think we’ve done a pretty good job. This is only a first release, there is plenty more in the pipeline, but we wanted to make it available to users so they can start creating dashboards from within Saiku with multiple reports, joined filters and so on. So dig in!

So there we go, those of you who haven’t tried out 3.1 EE have also missed out on the new schema designer and enhanced MongoDB support, which of course is included in 3.2 EE as well.

If you want to give Saiku EE 3.2 RC2 a go you can download it here.

In the mean time, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch.

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    Innovative Business Intelligence

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