How to Access NEW Math Assessment Item Progressions in Goalbook Pathways

Below you will find links to the newest Math Assessment Item Progressions for grades 3–6. You can also access these pages using the navigation bar or from skill pages. *see below

Left: Access items using the Navigation Bar. Right: Access items using the Skills Page

Grade 3

Grade 4

  • Number and Operations in Base Ten: Compare Forms of Multi-Digit Numbers DOK 1, DOK 2, DOK 3
  • Measurement and Data: Word Problems with Measurements DOK 1, DOK 2, DOK 3
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Rule-based Number and Shape Patterns DOK 1, DOK 2, DOK 3

Grade 5

Grade 6

Learn about how to apply NEW math assessment items as you design math instruction!

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