Improving Access to Tier I Instruction for Special Education Students

Worcester Public Schools at Goalbook Symposium NYC 2018 — Implementation Track

During the conference, attendees were encouraged to share their learnings, insights, and questions. Kay took the opportunity to share about how rewarding it was to have dedicated time and space to tackle their organizational challenge.

Increasing Tier I Access Across an Entire District Is Complex and Challenging

Attendees had the opportunity to collaborate with school and district teams from across the country. One thing that emerged during the collaboration across teams was how critically important all of the stakeholders were in the implementation of any plan. Leadership teams spent a lot of time designing solutions with their teachers in mind.
Kay (left) and Emily (right) spent the lion’s share of their time designing a solution to push them toward achieving their strategic goal. Goalbook User Symposiums are about empowering our users to design solutions that make sense to them. We don’t pretend to be experts on every challenge—we equip our partners to be experts at attacking their own challenges.

Worcester Public Schools Uses the Strategy Wizard in Goalbook Toolkit to Tackle Their Challenge

Every team in attendance was given an in-depth product overview that introduced them to all of the product features. Goalbook facilitators were available to answer any questions as well as give example of how users have already applied product features in various contexts.
The UDL-aligned strategy index contains over 350 strategies that address instruction and behavior.



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