Applying Measurement and Area to Sports: Comparing NBA vs. School Courts

Aligned to standards 4.MD.A.3: Word Problems with Area and Perimeter and 3.MD.C.7b: Area using Multiplication & Addition.

Lebron James’ record-setting shots are no secret. But exactly how impressive are these shots in feet and inches? And can your students use school courts to accurately reenact the shots made on a pro court? Let’s find out.

We’re featuring a mini-project that investigates the dimensions of a pro court in contrast to a school court. Designed to be rigorous and aligned to state standards, this lesson will get students to apply their knowledge of measurement, area and perimeter to compare how we play with how professionals play. Are you ready to see how the numbers stack up?

Let’s give it a shot!

The complete project plan is available here for download in Word or PDF format.

Here’s an overview of activities you’ll find in the project plan:

  • Students will develop a blueprint to scale that compares the dimensions, area, and perimeter of a regulation NBA basketball court and their own school’s basketball court.
  • Students must research official NBA dimensions, calculate and compare area and perimeter, and create a blueprint of the courts to scale.

The detailed project plan/packet on Goalbook includes:

Project templates — Students will research measurements using the project template guidelines.

Scoring rubric — Teachers can use the scoring rubric to assign points or as a checklist to determine work completion.

Differentiated blueprints — These blueprints provide the suggested scale factor and for students with more significant needs, the project is pre-completed with the NBA court regulations.

The complete project plan is available here for download in Word or PDF format.