New Math Quick Assessments for Grades 3–12

Efficient, Focused, and Rigorous Formative Assessments

Teachers use Quick Assessments in Goalbook Pathways to assess student learning connected to a specific critical standard at multiple depth of knowledge levels (DOK). This allows them to scaffold student learning to the most rigorous understanding of the standard.

Quick Assessments are short, standards-aligned, and have engaging tasks that students can complete within a short amount of time. They all include pre- and post-assessments, practice problems, and answer keys that allow teachers to adequately gauge what mastery of the standard looks like at varying depth of knowledge levels.

What’s NEW?

  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Equations and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • High School Algebra
  • High School Functions
Example of DOK 3 task and answer key from 7th grade Quick Assessment 7.NS.A.1 Addition and Subtraction of Integers using a Number Line

All of the newly released Math Quick Assessments include pre/post assessments with highly detailed answer keys that model student responses. The benefit of the model student responses is that they set a high bar for the level of rigor that teachers should expect from students.

Example of practice problems from 7th grade Quick Assessment 7.NS.A.1 Addition and Subtraction of Integers using a Number Line

The practice problems included in these Quick Assessments are organized by DOK levels and scaffolded to the level of rigor of the tasks and problems on the post-assessments.

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Grade 3

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 3.NBT.A3 Multiply a 1-digit number by a multiple of 10

Grade 4

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 4.NBT.A3 Rounding Multi-digit Whole Numbers

Grade 6

Ratios and Proportions: 6.RP.A.1 Solve Problems Using Ratios

Grade 7

Equations and Functions: 7.EE.A.2 Creating Equivalent Expressions

Numbers and Operations: 7.NS.A.1 Addition and Subtraction of Integers using a Number Line

Grade 8

Equations and Functions: 8.EE.B.6 Slope-Intercept Form

Equations and Functions: 8.EE.C.7a Linear Equations with One, No and Infinite Solutions

Equations and Functions: 8.F.A.3 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

Geometry: 8.G.A.1 Properties of Rotations, Reflections and Translations

Geometry: 8.G.A.2 Prove Congruence using Transformations

Geometry: 8.G.A.3 Describe Transformations using Coordinates

Geometry: 8.G.A.4 Prove Similar using Transformations

High School

Functions: F-LE.1 Distinguish between Linear and Exponential Growth

Algebra: A-REI.3 Solving One Variable Linear Equations