New Math Quick Assessments for Grades 3–12 Winter 2018

Visual Strategies to Make Conceptual Connections

This latest round of Quick Assessments that our team has published has all of the elements that make them great:

  • Questions at all depth of knowledge levels (DOK 1–3)
  • Pre and post assessments aligned to individual standards
  • Engaging tasks
  • Answer keys with model student responses and rubrics

We have focused our attention on diversifying the means of representation of mathematics content. We’ve accomplished this by including engaging visual strategies to help students make conceptual connections that, when internalized, are transferable in various contexts.

Example of DOK 1 task with visual model and answer key from 7th grade Quick Assessment 7.SP.B.3 Assessing Degree of Overlap Given Two Data Distributions

The practice problems included in these Quick Assessments are organized by DOK levels and the visual models are scaffolded to the level of rigor of the tasks and problems on post-assessments.

Example of 3 part DOK 3 practice task from 7th grade Quick Assessment 7.SP.B.3 Assessing Degree of Overlap Given Two Data Distributions

All of the newly released Math Quick Assessments include DOK 3 level practices problems that require clear justifications that are paired with visual models to show so students can show their work. They also engage students in multi-part tasks which allow teachers to asses student thinking at multiple points within each problem.

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Grade 3

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 3.NBT.1 Rounding Whole Numbers to the nearest 10 or 100

Grade 4

Measurement and Data: 4.MD.B.4 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Line Plots

Measurement and Data: 4.MD.A.1 Converting Units of Measurement

Grade 5

Measurement and Data: 4.MD.C.5 Angle Measurements with Reference to a Circle

Measurement and Data: 4.MD.C.5 Measuring Angles with a Protractor

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 5.NBT.A.2 Patterns when multiplying or dividing a power of 10

Grade 6

Equations and Functions: 6.EE.B.E Conditional Inequalities in the Real World

Grade 7

Geometry: 7.G.A.1 Computing Length and Area using Scale Drawings

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.A.1 Sample Population Inferences and Generalizations

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.B.3 Assessing Degree of Overlap Given Two Data Distributions

Grade 8

Equations and Functions: 8.EE.A.3 Comparing Quantities using Powers of 10

Equations and Functions: 8.F.B.5 Verbalizing and Sketching Functional Relationships between Two Quantities

Numbers and Operations: 8.NS.A.1 Identifying Rational and Irrational Numbers using Repeating Decimal Expansions

High School

Algebra: A-REI.2 Solve Rational Equations

Algebra: A-REI.7 Systems with Linear and Quadratic Equations