New Reading Foundations Anchor Pages

Demonstration of new RF Anchor Page assessment using the Elkonin boxes strategy. Example: RF.1.2c Isolate and Pronounce Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds

At Goalbook, we are committed to producing Anchor Pages that help teachers design instruction for foundational and transferable skills across all content areas. We’ve recently released more Anchor Pages in grades K-2 that help teachers take a targeted approach to teaching Reading Foundations (RF).

This release marks the first time that we’ve released Anchor Pages for RF language standards which connect decoding and explicit sound production. Language instruction requires a specialized skill set in order to be successful. For that reason, these pages give explicit instructions about how to teach each standard-specific sound pattern. The assessment and strategy resources give detailed instructions that guide teachers through the best practices when teaching different sound patterns.

Deliver Skill-Specific Instruction

Demonstration of new RF Anchor Page assessment using the Two-Syllable Double Consonant Flashcards strategy. Example: RF.2.3 Read Two-Syllable Words

When it comes to specific foundational reading skills, like reading two-syllable words, it is important for students to have a concrete understanding of how words are constructed and how the letters work together to represent sounds. The Two-Syllable Double Consonant Flashcards is a printable resource that allows teachers to present students with a strong visual model of how to decode these types of words. We believe using concrete modeling is the key to providing students with the tools to help them process their thinking and ultimately retain concepts in their mind.

Examples of word and letter tiles printable resources and strategies embedded within RF Anchor Pages.

The resources embedded in each RF Anchor Page allow teachers to take a more targeted approach to designing foundational reading instruction and creating annual targets. Teachers can explicitly practice individual phonics and fluency skills that scaffold towards independence with each progressive quarterly objective.

As with all Anchor Pages in Goalbook Toolkit, these are grade level and standards-aligned. They include incremental learning targets that are supported by learning objectives that scaffold towards mastery. The assessments and instructional resources included in these pages double as tools to help teachers improve their practice; they include information on what to do when teaching specific strategies strategy.

Use Them Now!


RF.K.2c Blending Onset and Rimes of Single Syllable Words

RF.K.3 Produce Individual Consonant Sounds

RF.K.4 Read Decodable Passages

Grade 1

RF.1.2c Isolate and Pronounce Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds

RF.1.3 Read CVC and CVCe Words

RF.1.3g Read First Grade Words with Irregular Spellings

RF.1.4 Fluently Read with Emerging Expression

Grade 2

RF.2.3 Read Two-Syllable Words

RF.2.3a Distinguish Long and Short Vowels in Regular One-Syllable Words

RF.2.3f Read Second Grade Words with Irregular Spellings

RF.2.4 Fluently Read with Basic Pausing

Grade 3

RF.3.3 Apply Word Analysis Skills to Decode Words

RF.3.4 Read Fluently with Emerging Expression

Grade 4

RF.4.3 Decode Familiar Words in Context

RF.4.4 Read Fluently with Some Expression

Grade 5

RF.5.3 Decode Unfamiliar Words in Context

RF.5.4 Read Fluently with Expressive Interpretation

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