Pathways Keyword Search

At Goalbook, we are passionate about helping teachers design impactful instruction. Our new keyword search makes it easier for teachers to find the specific instructional resources and strategies they need to challenge and support their students with learning at the highest levels.

When teachers are designing instruction at the unit, lesson, and even the activity level, there are so many resources and considerations that are relevant to their work that can’t be ignored. Curating the best of these things in an efficient manner is critical to ensuring that students receive a holistic, rigorous, and standards-aligned learning experience.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough of using the search tool from search to discovery.

1. The search tool is located on the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type in the search term.

Type the keywords and press “Enter” on your keyboard to search.

Educators can use keywords that are relevant to the grade level, topic, skill, genre, etc., that they teach to generate a custom list of relevant resources.

2. Resources are organized in categories. Click categories from the “Jump To” panel or simply scroll down to view the resources.

Resources are prioritized by relevance to the search terms.

Based upon the search terms you use, the results that are returned can fall under some or all of the available resource types:

  • Assessment Items
  • Mini-Projects
  • Passages
  • Printable Resources
  • Standards
  • Strategies

3. Click on the resource you need to enhance your unit, lesson, or activity.

Use keyword search to find passages that are aligned to the skills that you are teaching.

Use the keyword search tool in Goalbook Pathways to find the perfect passage for that text evidence activity or for the mini-projects that you’ll use to anchor an entire unit. We are continuing to optimize this feature to curate custom collections of resources that best fit the keywords that you use. Our hope is that this small feature will improve the instructional design and planning process for teachers in a significant way.

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