Be The Boss — Meetup with Liverpool Girl Geeks

I got a text from my videographer friend.

The event was sold out, but she had a spare ticket for the Liverpool Girl Geeks meet-up that following day.

“You should come!” she said.

I said I’d love to. I’d actually met the co-founders during Catalyst, they were amazing. The only problem — was I eligible? I’m no tech whizz. Operating cameras, coding websites, designing software. I don’t do any of that. I study Advertising.

“It’s just for tech girls though right?”

Is it *bleep*. In fact, it isn’t even just for girls.

So, I went and boy was it worthwhile. The only thing pink about it was the free smoothies and neon lights. (It was held at the gorgeous Bold Street bar & cafe Love Thy Neighbour). The place was filled with men and women, young and old, from a ton of different industries. And even better was the fact that we were all there to make sure this workplace gender tilt balances out for the better.

The panel were on fire.

We heard from women in HR, Design, and even Artificial Intelligence, all with a bundle of experience under their belt. They shared wisdom, answered questions and offered advice to us all on ensuring ladies achieve their potential without worrying about some little Venus symbol ♀.

Then it was networking. But it wasn’t scary. People were discussing everything from equality and paternity leave, to degrees and apprenticeships, others were just having a good old natter. Some were even offering up a trade of expertise to create the coolest projects!

After five minutes the room clicked on — despite genders, cultures and careers, we were all like-minded people. All on the same page. All working hard to make sure this world is a better place when we leave as it was when we entered.

If you get a chance to attend the next one, do.

Jessica Grogan

Innovators Hub, Student

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