Innovators in Japan Podcast: Interview with Fariza Abidova

Thanks for tuning into our second podcast episode!

We’ve got another great show for you. I’ve always wondered how Japanese corporations and foreign startups can actually help one other get an edge in the fast-paced world we live in. Sure, large corporations obviously have money and resources that startups want, and startups have cutting edge technology that corporations urgently need to innovate effectively.

But given the large cultural gap, not only between the sizes and maturity of corporations and startups, but also between Japanese and non-Japanese people, I’ve only heard challenges, difficulties, and horror stories about cross-cultural, and dare I say, cross-generational collaboration.

Our guest today is Fariza Abidova, founder of Trusted Corporation, a search engine for Japanese corporations, non-Japanese startups, and related professional services providers to find business opportunities while significantly reducing the overhead usually necessary to strike cross-border deals. We’ll talk about her personal journey in Japan, her experience coaching Japanese companies on intercultural topics, how non-Japanese startups can navigate Japanese business culture based on mistakes that she made herself, and more. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Some highlights of the conversation include:

  • How Fariza came to Japan after growing up in Uzbekistan
  • Why Fariza felt comfortable in Japan where many foreigners feel left out
  • How Trusted Corporation helps corporations and startups find each other, collaborate better, and cut unnecessary transaction costs
  • How foreign startups can set expectations with Japanese enterprises
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in striking a business partnership with Japanese enterprises
  • Unexpected business customs that can make or break your deal



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