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Pre-VC career tips part 2 — Which startups to talk about in an interview?

Just like NYC, the startup landscape contains a lot of noise

Part 2 - Hunt down some companies you would invest in

  • How do you approach the task of generating dealflow?
  • Are the deals you find broadly in line with the companies he/she has recently been looking at?
  • Can you tell a convincing story about why you like a certain company?

How to get dealflow without being a VC?

How to package your it all into a story?

  • initially getting interested in a specific trend that not everyone would agree on
  • then learning more about it and identifying which problems need to be solved if that trends persists
  • subsequently finding a handful of companies trying to tackle the problem with an innovative solution
  • finally filtering the list down to 1–2 companies based on your view of whether their specific product, team and traction look promising



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