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INS3 partners with SIL.Finance : First IDO fall on debut insurance cooperation in DeFi

INS3 will launch on SIL.Finance Initial Dex Offering as fall on debut insurance. Principal amount loss will be compensated after two weeks of Initial Dex Offering.

SIL.Finance is a single-sided yield aggregator (1 click hedging) with adventurous functional #NFT farming card add-ons.

PentaLaunch is a bonding curve auction tool that allows open source projects to conduct token auction with customized curves.

SIL Finance opened its IDO on PentaLaunch (DoraFactory) and completed its token auction on PantaLaunch on 17th of June at UTC +8. $SIL40 tokens, worth of 51242.13USDC were sold during this auction. On the 23rd of June, SIL Finance’s LP pool will open on Binance Smart Chain.

SIL.Finance will be the underwriter during this fall on debut insurance cooperation. The compensation requirement is that, when IDO falls lower than 1000U, users who purchased INS3 products can claim insurance compensation by deposit Token and insurance policy from 28th to 30th of June.

More information about SIL. Finance:

Twitter: @Sil_Finance



This cooperation will enhance our connection in product launching, services, community, and marketing. Our vision is to build a reliable digital asset ecosystem together.

INS3 is a decentralized crypto CDS commercial insurance, which is an original project based on the Conflux chain. INS3 comprehensively covers blockchain protocols and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), providing a full range of security services for a variety of crypto-asset scenarios.

INS3 is a major financial innovation in the field of decentralized crypto asset insurance in the forms of DeFi + NFT + Oracle + Cross-chain. It is expected to become a surprising winner in the decentralized insurance sector.

Make sure you stay covered for the next market crash with INS3! Follow us on Twitter for the latest coverage news, or join our Discord to engage with our community!



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