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INS3 V2 Roadmap

As an innovative and original project of DeFi insurance track,in order to keep our competitive advantage,we need to continuously create new products and features.and at the same time,we hear that many important feedback on INS3 in the market,and we are glad to share with you about our latest ideas and a series of plans about the V2 version.


We will launch a new underwriting model on the basis of the existing system.The full- underwriting can only insure one item,and it can be paid in full. At the same time the user of insure can get more premium income with less leverage risk. We called it leverage-underwriting.thus undertaking the staking of projects with 10 times leverage as many as possible,you can gain more staking rewards,at the same time the risk comes.

As buyers of insurance,Full-underwriting is more suitable to B-end customers because it can achieve full compensation of assets;

For insured users, there are different levels of risk options, and the benefits are more diversified.

Actuarial model optimization

Actuarial insurance determines premiums by analyzing the probability of future risk events and the possible financial impact. We will optimize the actuarial model of INS3 so that the calculation of premiums is related to the immediate rate of return of the underwriting project. At the same time, the underwriting limit is opened, and the limit of the premium is no longer limited and the underwriting amount. The main advantage of this is that it can better carry out To B insurance business and can fully underwrite the B-side.

To B Insurance

The current status of DeFi insurance is that the C-end users are not very willing to buy insurance, and their security awareness is not strong; while the B-end (DeFi agreements, asset management institutions, centralized exchanges, etc.) are frequently stolen, and there is no professional target in the market. Insurance products of the B-side agreement. For this status quo, INS3 will open up the B-end user market of DeFi insurance and launch fully insured products, which can fully compensate the B-end agreement assets and ensure the security of the agreement. We believe that in the future, whether the B-side purchases insurance for its own funds will be an important basis for users to judge whether the product is safe.

At present, we have achieved certain results in cooperation with some institutions and agreements. In addition to buying insurance by the B-end itself, we will also integrate the insurance purchase window on their front-end page, which is more convenient to provide insurance services to their users, and at the same time provide The agreement premium sharing.


Governance Mining

We know that the Token ITFX of the INS3 platform is used to stimulate liquidity and community development, but its main purpose is to capture protocol revenue and voting governance. In order to obtain these use cases, ITFX holders can lock ITFX into the board of directors. To get the vITFX tokens (vote ITFX) required for voting. Voting and rewards are measured by the number of locked ITFX tokens and the lock-up time. The longer the lock-up time, the greater the voting power and the greater the “profit” of the return. Users can lock ITFX for at least one week and up to four years.

Repurchase and Destruction

INS3 will regularly inject 70% of the premium income into the repurchase pool, and repurchase and destroy ITFX at the market price through smart contracts every quarter. The repurchase cycle will also be adjusted flexibly according to the premium income situation.

All the mechanisms of the Boardroom are open, transparent, and fair, and are displayed in real time on the chain. The income of the INS3 agreement will be mainly used for ITFX’s repurchase and destruction and the board of directors’ dividends. After the full release of ITFX mining, it will enter deflation. INS3 will also initiate a vote of the board of directors at an appropriate time based on the agreed income to adjust the ratio of repurchase destruction and dividend distribution.

Insurance Invitee

We will launch an insurance invitee mechanism. When you recommend a friend to purchase insurance using your referral link or invitation code, both you and your friends will receive a certain percentage of ITFX rewards equivalent to the premium. If the recommendation reward reaches a certain amount, you can apply to become an INS3 insurance agent and get a higher percentage of rewards.

Smart Insurance

In the DeFi world, despite frequent security incidents of theft of funds, users are not willing to buy insurance. In order to guide users to use insurance to protect their funds, we will launch smart insurance services. The corresponding insurance product can be recommended to the user based on the Token in the user’s address or other agreement assets that the user’s address participates in. In the future, it will also automatically calculate the premium required to fully insure the user’s assets, as well as the user’s net APY income after deducting the premium (agreement income APY — premium expenditure APY).

The above road map represents our current thoughts and goals for the INS3 iteration, but the digital currency market is changing rapidly, and we will make adjustments at an appropriate time to match the development of the market. Progress updates and changes related to our road map will be posted on social media immediately. In addition, we also need to listen to the opinions of the community. Our community is very welcome to read our road map and iteration plan, and put forward ideas and suggestions. Welcome to join Telegram to communicate with us.



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