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Guy Bieber
Nov 25, 2015 · 23 min read


State of Work



Government and Policy

Technology at Work

State of Work

No Ordinary Disruption

What is a Good Job

The Good Jobs Strategy

Enable People and They will Amaze You

Reinventing the Labor Union: Social Networks as the New Union

Flexibility Needed not Just for On-Demand Workers


“The Firm” is the Network

Uber Platform: Everyone’s Private Driver

TaskRabbit Platform: Buy Yourself Some Time

UpWork Platform: Matching Workers with Opportunities at High Velocity

Lyft Platform: Reinventing Public Transportation

Age of Small Unit Businesses

Small Scale Manufacturing — Adafruit

Small Scale Manufacturing — Techshop

Small Scale R&D — Other Labs

Etsy: Unique well Crafted Things

Create your Own Work

Kickstarter Economy

Workers in a World of Continuous Partial Employment

Work Rules: Lessons for Google’s success


Disrupting Diplomas to Jobs Pipeline

Managing Talent in the Networked Age

TechHire: Rewiring the US Labor Market

Exponential Teaching

Democratizing Education

Government and Policy

Supporting Workers in the on Demand Economy

Accessible, Affordable Education

New Safety Net for the 21st Century Economy

Living Wages

Humans Need Not Apply, Not so Fast

Universal Basic Income

Portable Benefits and the Shared Security Account

Employee Profit Sharing Mandates

Benefit Corporations

Tax and Accounting Tools for the Franchise of One

Technology and Work

Augmented Workers

Augmented Reality in the Factory

Personal Assistants and Hybrid Intelligence

Creating Better Teams

Reinventing Healthcare

Insanely Great

Improving the World and Lives

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Insanely Great

Improving the World and Lives