InsCoin for Knox Project

Giuseppe Luongo
Oct 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Good morning, everyone,

Several months have passed since our first phase of the PRE SALE, in which we collected 1000 ETHs.
In this period of time the market conditions changed very quickly and in order to protect our project and our first investors we decided to postpone the next phases until a date to be set.

Our goal remains to create the first insurance company able to issue policies on blockchain to ensure maximum truthfulness, transparency and speed of use. Furthermore, according to our Whitepaper, the company will use part of its profits to support the economy of the token on which it is based, INSCOIN. (INSC)

At a time like this we believe that is crucial having a functioning and certified business (see our BUSINESS PLAN) behind us.

To do this in the best way we have renewed many things in recent months and we are ready to show you a preview of how one of our smart policies works. But let’s go with order.

NEW Whitepaper

This period of time has allowed us to continue working behind the scenes and refine our project.
The first aspect that we decided to modify and improve was our whitepaper, we have inserted technical data and more details on how we will support and increase the value of the INSCOIN token. Here you can find the New WP.

NEW Site

In our work we have also found time to give a breath of fresh air to our site,
Right now we are completing the last tests but we can already anticipate that on Friday, November 1 the new site will be online!

NEW Lightpaper

During these last months we had an important series of talks with strategic partners and investment funds, during these meetings we illustrated our project INSCOIN for KNOX and the operation of our company through a presentation tailored by hand on our business and the benefits that investors will have, we decided to make this document also available to private investors, the appointment is for November 3!


After giving some general information, let’s move on to the real news. our blockchain development team has worked very hard in creating a smartcontract that could fit our insurance company business, the wait was not in vain and on Friday 6 November it will be released on our website and ready for use on the Ropsten testnet of Ethereum our MVP.
We see this first move as the first step towards creating an ecosystem where insurance policies will be safer, faster and more affordable.

Bounty Campaign

We have already demonstrated with this break after the first phase of our presale, where we reached the hardcap, that we are not only interested in raising funds, but we really want to change things in the insurance world and create a project that works and that can satisfy our investors.
With these fixed ideas in mind we decided to open a new phase of Bounty soon where we will reward users who will create and publish the best content with INSCOIN tokens.
Stay tuned for the dates and modalities of our BOUNTY campaign.

Thank you for reading our updates! To stay in touch with the team and the community of inscoin we invite you on our telegram group, see you soon!

Business Plan:

Telegram group:
Telegram channel:

InsCoin for Knox Project

The first Blockchain based insurance company

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