Meet Pitch Deck Template 3

Three years ago, I was working as a Pitch Deck Designer on a freelance basis. It was a very rewarding experience, as I met a lot of intelligent startup founders and learned many things while working on their presentations. It was also allowed me to see a unique opportunity.

You see, most of the startups I worked with were in “money saving” mode, which made them reluctant to spend a few hundred dollars to hire a professional graphic designer. And at the same time, there were no affordable alternatives on the market. At online marketplaces like graphicriver or creativemarket, thousands of business-oriented presentation templates can be found, but none of them effectively follow pitch deck structure and offer relevant slide layouts based on real pitch deck examples.

I decided to solve this problem and create an affordable presentation template that is based on real pitch deck examples, follows a proper storyline and has a high-quality visual design. After a few months of work, the tool with the specialized name “Pitch Deck Template” was born. It was featured on ProductHunt, and quickly got ranked as #3 product of the day. Within a few days after the release, Pitch Deck Template had over 100 customers who provided tons of valuable feedback which made the product even better. It was my first entrepreneurial attempt and man, I was happy!

Over the years I have been continually improving the template, finally leading to a complete overhaul last October. Over a month was spent completely revamping Pitch Deck Template and now, voilà, I’m proud to present you with Version 3! Here’s what’s new in the house:

Brand-new Look

Design trends are always changing and our perception continues to evolve on what is “looking good”. The original visual style of Pitch Deck Template received a lot of great feedback from customers in past, but by the end of 2018, the style seemed messier and obsolete compared to the current trends. “Simplify, simplify, simplify!” was my motto. The new design direction is light, smooth and has extremely flexible customization to match the needs of the customer.

Presentation Version

In order to get the best results when pitching your company, two versions of a pitch deck are needed: the presentation deck and the reading deck. The original release of Pitch Deck Template was best suited for creating a reading deck. You could also create a presentation version by deleting unnecessary text and resizing the rest of the content, but it would take a lot of extra time and energy. Not good! That’s why I created a separate version with “minimum content and proper font size” in mind, so the deck will look great on any screen.

30 New Slide Layouts

I’ve added 30 new slide layouts to existing pitch deck elements and created several new ones (Press, Testimonials and Case Study). Now there’re 100 unique slides in Pitch Deck Template covering every essential element, with 4 to 6 slide layout options.

700 FontAwesome Icons

Pitch Deck Template now comes with FontAwesome Icons, the web’s most popular icon set. With more than 700 icons on board, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect icon!

New Device Mockups and Maps

Mockup resources have been updated for the latest devices in both Apple and Android products: iPhone X/Xs/Xr, iPhone 8, and Pixel 3. Country maps with individual states and regions for USA, Canada, Germany, France, and UK have also been added.

These upgraded features now come with Pitch Deck Template 3, while the classic foundation remains the same — the template works in PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides and is very easy to edit. Check out our website (brand new as well) to learn more:

Any questions or feedback? Happy to help. Please, leave a comment or send me a message via