190+ Resources to power-up your Slack.

Hello! We’re Birdly, the makers of SlackStack.io, a place to find resources and power-up your Slack. We’ve decided to share all the resources we curated into a unique Medium post where we separate them by category. Enjoy!


Appear.in — Video conferences in your browser
Asana — Communications and task management for teams
Awesome — A bot that makes space for your team by offering Sidebars, Status, Do Not disturb, etc.
Birdly Business Cards — Turn your Business Cards into a Contact Spreadsheet
Birdly Expenses — A Slack Bot that does your Expense Reports
Blossom — Agile project management for modern teams
Blue Jeans — Video conferencing for desktop, mobile, and room systems
Convergely — A bot to schedule messages within Slack
DJ Chrono — A Slack bot for monitoring time spent on projects
Do — Run productive meetings
Flock — Keep your team up to date without another meeting
Geekbot — Asynchronous standup meetings inside Slack
Google Hangouts — Bring your conversations to life with free video calls
GoToMeeting Free — HD video conferencing for your team
Growbot — A feedback for teams bot on Slack
HeyScale — Recurring reminders for Slack
HeyUpdate — Your Updates in Slack
Howdy.ai — Better meetings in Slack
InVision + Slack — Automatic syncing of design projects on Slack
JIRA — Project and issue tracking software by Atlassian
Kyber — Turn Slack messages into actions
Meekan — Scheduling Robot Assistant
Nika bot — Team tracking for Slack
Pivotal Tracker — Collaborative, lightweight agile project management
PMBot — Run a standup and get status reports from your team
Prowd — A Slack Integration to recognize your team’s work
Room — Simple video calls in your browser
Screenhero — Screen sharing for collaboration in teams
Slack Digest — A curated daily digest for your Slack channels
Slacktodo — A Superbot for Slack to automate your tasks
Slashwiki — Slack-integrated wiki tool
Standup Bot — Automated Standups in Slack
StatusHero — Keep your team in Sync through check-ins
Talko — Team calls for mobile and web, with replay of key moments
Taskbot — Task Management Bot
Tatsu — A Standup bot for Slack
Trello — To-do lists and task management
Weldbot — Another scheduling robot assistant
WorkingOn — Minimalistic progress tracking for teams
Wunderlist for Slack — Slack to-do list integration
Zapier — Automate tasks between other online services
Zoom — Online video conferencing platform

For Developers

Airbrake — Error monitoring and handling
AppSignal — Detailed metrics for Ruby on Rails apps
Beanstalk — A complete workflow to write, review and deploy code
Bitbucket — Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial
Boundary — Real-time Server and App Monitoring for DevOps
Bugsnag — Real-time bug intelligence for web and mobile apps
Buildkite — Secure and flexible continuous integration
Chatterbug — Lightweight issue tracking for teams who live in Slack
Circle CI — Continuous Integration and Deployment
Cloud 66 — DevOps as a Service
Code Climate — Automated code review for Ruby, Javascript & PHP
Codeship — Continuous Integration and Deployment SaaS
Crashlytics — Mobile crash analysis and reporting
Dbot — Slack integrated security bot
Distelli Deploybot — Build and deploy your GitHub or Bitbucket repo from Slack
Github — Source control and code management
Heroku — Cloud application deployment and hosting
Honeybadger — Error and performance monitoring for Ruby
Hubot — GitHub’s scriptable chat bot
Instabug — Report bugs and send feedback
Jenkins CI — An open source continuous integration server
Librato — Highly scalable metrics, monitoring & alerts
Lita — A chat bot scriptable with Ruby
Logentries — Centralized log management and analytics
Magnum CI — Hosted continuous integration and delivery
Nagios — Server monitoring and alerting
New Relic — Real-time application performance management
Node-Slack — A node.js module that provides an easy way to send and receive messages to/from Slack.
OpsGenie — Rich alerts for IT management
Opsmatic — Real-time server configuration monitoring
Orchestrating Docker containers with Slack — A tutorial on how to use Slack to manage Docker containers
PagerDuty — On-call scheduling, alerting, and incident tracking
Papertrail — Cloud-hosted log management
Pingdom — Uptime and performance monitoring
Rainforest QA — Easily QA test your webapp in multiple browsers
Raygun — Automatic error and crash reporting
Relax — Bots-as-a-Service for Slack
RunScope — Testing and debugging for your APIs
Semaphore — Hosted continuous integration & deployment
Sentry — Real-time error logging for your applications
Slack pull request reviews — Slack bot reminder for pull request reviews
Slack Overflow — Search top questions about a topic on Stack Overflow
SlackSnippet — Save and fetch dev snippets from Slack
SlackYouTrack — Web app you can deploy in whatever container
Snip and Share for Slack — The quickest way to share bugs, design issues, ideas, links or even funny GIFs to Slack.
StatusPage.io — Hosted status pages for your team
Takipi — Track log errors and exceptions in production JVMs
Travis CI — Hosted software build services
Visual Studio Online — Collaborate and manage software projects online
ZenHub — GitHub monitoring right inside Slack

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Connect 4 bot — Play Connect 4 on Slack
Elo Ranking — Slack bot created to manage elo rankings
Giphy — An online library of animated GIFs
Inspiry — Post one inspirational quote to Slack every day
Make it rain — Bot sending you random gifs when you’re paid on Stripe
Moubot — Mourinho Slack Bot — whines in your Slack channel before and after every Chelsea FC match.
SketchTogether — Draw sketches together
Slack Beer — Slack Commands for Searching beers
Slack Meme — Post memes to any of your Slack channels with a /command
Slack Pokemon — Pokemon battles into Slack
Slackbot Workout — Force your colleagues to work out
Slackbox — Spotify playlist collaboration through Slack
Slacker — Post messages impersonating your favourite characers
Slackroulette — Anonymously chat to slackers from anywhere
Son.gg — Share music on Slack with a single slash command
YesNo Slack Bot — Slack integration of the popular yesno.wtf

Monitoring / Analytics

App Review Monitor — Mobile app reviews delivered to Slack
AppVersion — Sends a notification when a new version of an app is released
Datadog — SaaS app monitoring all in one place
GA.Today — Push Google Analytics Data on Slack
GoSquared — Real-time web analytics platform
Mention — Plug Mention easily to Slack and monitor your company
Notify — Receive Slack notifications when your company is mentioned online
Privy.com — Real-time notifications of new leads in Slack
Pushpop — SlackBot pushing analytics on Slack
Sales Reporter — Daily sales reports in Slack
Twitter — Social networking and microblogging service


Breaking News — Get Breaking News alerts for major stories sent directly to a Slack Channel
El Robot — The best startup resources in Slack
FastVoted — Bot sending interesting posts into slack
HNSlack — Hacker news on Slack
Nuzzel Slack Integration — The super-easy way to see news from your friends
Product Slack — Receive the top hunts on Product Hunt in Slack every day
RSS — Automatically syndicated site content
Slack HN — A Slack bot for reading Hacker News
Slack Hunts — Receive alerts about Product Hunt upvotes
The Slack Post — Post all the useful links from Slack in a simple public newspaper
Yo — Zero character communication


Bitium — Application and Access Management for teams
Box — Securely store, share, and manage all your files
Clubble — Send emails from Slack
Dropbox — Cloud file storage and syncing
Email — Send emails directly to a channel in Slack
Franke — Sort emails into Slack
Google Calendar — A shared calendar for your team
Google Drive — Online document and file storage
Google Drive to Slack — Slack alerts when you work on a Google document
IFTTT — Automated connections between web services
Jirassimo — A plugin for Jira Cloud enabling you to send instant messages.
LaunchKit — Tools to build & launch mobile apps.
Mailchimp — Online email marketing and contact management
Min Slack — A minimal Slack Client in a Chrome Extension Popup
Ottspott — Make local calls from Slack
PhoneBot — Slack bot using IBM Watson and Twilio to make phone calls via Slack commands
Scanbot — Document scanner for iOS and Android
SlackIt Bookmarklet — Create a bookmarklet for posting the current URL directly to Slack
Slash TZ — Natural language timezone converter for Slack
SlashCast — broadcast directly from slack to a live web page
Stripe — Web and mobile payments, built for developers
Subversion — The Subversion software source control package
Zapier — Automate connections between your apps
Zeplin — Connect your Zeplin projects to Slack

Office Life / On-demand

99Designs — Get design tasks updates right inside Slack
Birdly Translate — Human-powered translations right inside Slack
Bndr — A bot to create your own Slack Commands
Bonusly — Reward employees effortlessly
Breezy HR — Collaborative hiring platform
Exversion — Search for open data directly in Slack
Large — Magic but for Slack
Lever — Add collaboration to your recruiting process
Lyft — Request Lyft Rides in Slack
Meya — Helps you complete local tasks
Nestor — An assistant on Slack
Roomino — Hotel & travel booking inside Slack
Shido — A bot that get things done for you
SlackVote — Allow team members to vote
Slackzon — Simple Product Search in Slack.
Subcurrent — Create polls within Slack
Team Leaderboard — A Team leaderboard for Slack
Wadeeny — Matches car owners who take a certain commute with others taking the same route

Customer Support

Chatlio — Live chat with customers directly from Slack
Desk.com — All-in-one customer support application
Enchant — Scalable customer support software
Envoy — Modern visitor registration for iPad
Groove — A simple help desk built for teams
Help Scout — Scalable customer support software
Intercom — The easiest way to see and talk to your users
Reamaze — Helpdesk software for small businesses
ReceptionKit — Connect your reception with Slack
Sameroom — Use Slack for chatting with people on Skype, HipChat, Twitter, Intercom, etc.
Slackline — Collaborate with other companies inside your Slack
SupportKit — Speak to your customers directly from Slack
Userlike — Live chat platform for websites
WPSlackSync — A WordPress plugin that syncs your Slack channels & Wordpress chats
Zendesk — Beautifully simple customer service platform

Tips & other useful resources

IFTTT Tips — Get started with IFTTT recipes
Zapier Tips — Learn how to power-up your Slack
Posts 2.0 — Learn how to use Slack’s Posts 2.0
Slack Reactions — Learn how to use Slack’s Reactions
SlackBotList — A cool place to find new Slack Bots


An Ultimate List of 190 Slack Communities
A List of 100+ Slack Communities

This list is always improving, so feel free to add comment so that we can add your own Slack integration! And if you want to try brand new bots in beta, join our Demo Slack.

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